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Legacy Apartment Homes
9320 Hillery Drive, San Diego, CA 92126
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The apartment is filthy, run down and dumpy. The carpet is stained, I had to clean rotten food out from behind the stove, Cat poop out from under the dryer, the carpet has NAILS that stick up and cut your foot, Tones of nasty bugs and spider, earwigs, there's paint on EVERYTHING from them going through and splashing paint everywhere to try to make it look better, It's a dump.

Parking: There is NEVER any parking. They told us on move in that they had "more than enough" spaces. We are constantly having to park outside the complex (why do we pay to live in a gated community????) and walk BLOCKS to our front door. No one obeys the parking rules, and nothing is done about it. People store broken down cars and BOAT TRAILERS in the few parking spots there are and it takes about 3 weeks of calls to Anderson Management before anything is done about it.

Noise: Every night at about 8 PM our neighbors upstairs start jumping around, running and jumping off of furniture etc. It sounds like a herd of elephants. The apartments are so cheaply made that I can actually hear them PEEING upstairs.

"Gated Community" my butt. The gates have actually been broken more than not. They are constantly being vandalized by all the punk skater kids that hang out on the pedestrian walkway. And God Forbid that they should fix them in a timely manner......they probably don't bother because they know they'll just get vandalized again.

Long story short WE HATE IT HERE. We moved here sight unseen from out of town and just so you know, THE PICTURES ON THE INTERNET ARE A COMPLETE LIE AND ARE NOT OF THIS APARTMENT. IT'S FALSE ADVERTISING TO THE INTH DEGREE. We are in the process of PAYING to get out of our lease here----and actually saving money by renting a much better apartment for a LOT less.
Don't make your life miserable by moving here!!!!

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