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Promenade Rio Vista
2185 Station Village Way, San Diego, CA 92108
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Over all i am NOT happy with my living experience with this place. Took over lease from existing tenant, had 5 month left. Got a rent increase of $100 at renewal, extended by six month, got another raise at that renewal as well, extended by another 6 and got another raise. (was at $1755 for a 1 den). Once those 6 months ended they tried to raise it again on us and we decided to move. Considering they had better deals on craigslist for new tenants it was shameful for them to try and raise the rent again.

We moved to the other side of the river to the river colony, just an nice, we got a 2 2, bigger, nicer, and way cheaper.

Got the move out bill - they actually are charging us rent for the day we dropped of the keys, we moved out Saturday and dropped the key off Monday morning and they are charging rent for that. Shameful!

The tenant we got the unit from had the walls painted, the lease states we are liable for 25% of paint cost. The promenade paid $790 to have the apartment painted and are charging us $560. How is that 25%. Shameful! Their excuse is that accent walls cost extra on top of paint cost.

This place will do all they can to lure you in and charge you as much as they can when you leave. Have your check book ready if you want to leave this place cause they will make sure to do the best they can to make it expensive so you might stay.

Other then that, Enjoy the trolley sound day and night every 15 minutes, loud foot steps from up above if you are not on the top floor, and ants and other rodents if you are on the bottom floor. Fire alarm went off at least twice when we were there in the middle of the night, woke up everyone and even FD showed up for nothing.

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