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Torrey Ridge
4695 Torrey Circle, San Diego, CA 92130
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On July 25, 2006 I wrote a review and listed ten things about Torrey Ridge that I evaluated. They included the staff, traffic, parking, the grounds, the front gate,ants and bugs, Heating and A/C, value for the dollar, apartment amenities and complex amenities. In all these areas except for traffic and the front gate I rated Torrey Ridge fairly highly. Traffic is still a problem with people not stopping at Stop signs and motorcycles and some cars speeding up and down the entrance drive. The front gate, well that will always be a problem it seems.
This time, I will say something about the trash and recycle bins. Either there are not enough of them or the residents just have too much trash, garbage and things to recycle. So maybe it's time to add some more bins. Also, residents may not be clear about what constitutes items that should be put into the recycle bins and what items should not. So perhaps it is time for Torrey Ridge to issue some more instructions on this matter.
One final item and that is security. To date, in the three years that I have lived here I have not seen a notice letting the residents know of any crimes (i.e. theft, assault, etc.) that have been reported to have been committed on the property. So, either that means that no crimes of any type have been reported or, if they have been, the residents have not been made aware of any. If this is the case, I believe that residents should be made aware of any reported crimes committed on the property.
So, overall, I still think Torrey Ridge is a good place to live, but could be made better.

Last Updated: 09/08/08

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