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Torrey Ridge
4695 Torrey Circle, San Diego, CA 92130
1 User Response

This is the worst management we've ever experienced! The head of management is completely none responsive. It takes them several weeks just to answer a request. And if you don't follow up yourself, you will never hear from them.

This is unfortunate because this is an expensive place in an upscaled place in Carmel Valley near Torrey Pines.nice. Place is run by the Irvine Company which is a reputable firm, but they hired the wrong person to management this place.

The place is nicely landscaped, but poorly regulated. There are dog poop everywhere and trash over flows the collection area on a weekly basis. There are also rats here (no doubt due to the trash). Not a safe place for children. Don't come if you love your kids.

Can't wait until our lease ends so we can get out of here.

Last Updated: 09/08/08
This is the most racist management I had encountered. They tried to evict us and put a lot of fake charges for cleaning. They try to bully residents with their sycophants Kimball Tirey ...so called lawyers....They deserve a class action lawsuit or some kind of disaster

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