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Torrey Villas
11100 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego, CA 92130
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I write this review after combing over many pervious reviews prior to deciding on an apartment in the San Diego area and since then, having selected Torrey Villas as a place to live. I read about many people complaining about many different things in general and most of them were minimal and specific.

The reason we chose Torrey Villas over many of the other apartments in the area was the floor-plan. There just isn't an apartment that size that is laid out as well as our three bedroom apartment is here at Torrey Villas. The deciding factor was the two car garage. Quite frankly, if we did not have that two car garage for our cars, I would NEVER recommend living here, and the reason why is simply this: the spots outside people's garage's are laughably small. A man from another planet that drove a smart car must have designed the size. I cannot park my wife's COMPACT CAR in a spot and get out from both sides. In the two month's we've lived here I have had to park her car in a spot a few times for simply moving things around and half the time I have to crawl out the passenger side. The parking here is worse than anything I've seen in this whole country. There is no reasonable way to park here at Torrey Villas unless you have a garage. Get a garage, enough said.

The second reason we came here to Torrey Villas is that it is simply the most beautiful place with the best amenities in the entire north costal county region for under $3500 a month. If we wanted our own house closer to the beach we could have easily paid triple what we do, but people who complain about how much things cost here need to stop talking and wake up. You live in one of the most desirable areas in Southern California, which is by no means prone to cheap costs of living. Do we pay alot? YES! Do we pay twice as much as people out east do? YES! Can they see the ocean out their window? NO! and thats what we pay for. T.V. is simply in a great location and we enjoy being so close to both La Jolla and Del Mar. I work in east county and I didn't want to go much further north, or else we might have looked at Signature Point in Del Mar Highlands (which has a TERRIBLE website, FYI) or several other Del Mar based places. We almost moved into Villas of Renaissance over in the UTC area, but we liked our floor-plan here much more. Sorrento Valley is SO much quieter than the UTC area, so if you are concerned with noise, think of that.

One major thing we try to avoid like the plague is anyone at all who works in the leasing office. They are crows who will peck your eyes out without giving you any respect whatsoever. We've lived here two months now and they have treated us like trash since the moment we walked on the property to take a tour. They immediately assumed that since I am under 25 that I couldn't afford to live there. WAKE UP! I drove up in a $60k car wearing cashmere wool. I can't earn an OUNCE of respect from these people. Other than the leasing office, everyone here has been wonderful. The concierge is wonderful and polite, the porters are courteous and even the groundskeeping crew is happy and brisk. The maintenance is timely and VERY knowledgeable. They have already been out 4 times in two months and have been prompt every time. The online submission for maintenance requests is innovative and the communities website is cutting-edge and consistently updated. There is constantly community events that are cost-effective and are a fun way to meet many people in the complex.

Overall, we are very pleased so far and plan on making Torrey Villas our home for several years to come!

(3/1/09) UPDATE:

I feel obligated to update this review since things have changed somewhat from when I originally wrote this review. I find it difficult to understand some of the postings on this site about many of the specific things that cannot be controlled by the staff here or are just a part of living in an apartment. Me and my wife have had a pleasant experience here since moving over the last 8 months or so. Initially, we had issues with the leasing staff, which actually turned out to be miscommunication on the part of a single individual leasing consultant who was let go by Torrey Villas. It culminated into a major run-in and I had to have a stern discussion with most of the staff here at Torrey Villas, and reported what happened to management at the Irvine Company. I don't know if it was from this specific run-in or not, but since being very assertive with the staff, they have treated me with upmost respect, remembering me by name, and greeting me whenever I am at the clubhouse. They also ask if there is anything that they can specifically do for me to make my stay better. We recently moved from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom to downsize and be more economical, and the staff at Torrey Villas was very helpful, asking if we needed anything brought to us while we were moving and helped sort out our mail situation for us.

Our new building is more noisy than our old building. Its just the way it is. Apartments will vary based on who is around you. This can really affect your outlook. But, honestly, thats just the way things are and its something you cannot change. Everyone does odd things and has quirks. And while maybe screaming at 3 am, like one review mentioned, is a little out of line, mention it to the staff! Be assertive about how you expect your service to be provided and they will do their best to provide it for you and deal with people who are acting inappropriate around you. That is certainly more than you can say about any other kind of apartment that I've ever lived in. A staff that at least cares enough to make an effort, even if they can't do much about it in the end. (Torrey Villas cannot evict someone because they smoke people).

Overall if your experience has been negative due to actions by others around you, its no fault of the apartment complex. It simply means you had a bad experience as an individual and should move on. I have talked to many many people in the complex who DO NOT write reviews on this silly website and have been completely pleased with the way Torrey Villas handles operations and different situations around the complex. Word of mouth is certainly the best litmus test.

So, take everything you see here with a grain of salt. Torrey Villas just dropped rent $150 on most of their floor plans. There is a good sense of community here if you want to get out enough to enjoy it, and the amenities are wonderful. This doesn't mean Torrey Villas is right for you, but it can be an enjoyable place to live if you don't sweat the small stuff and aren't high strung enough to snap.

(04/20/09) UPDATE:
Ok, so, this story has to be told on here, simply because its worth telling.

For about a month now, there is this guy who continually parks his car for long periods of time in the courtyard of our building, right in front of our garage. He has 3 cars (which is in breach of his lease to begin with) and parks one in his one car garage and then 2 out in the parking lot. He gets up, goes out, pulls his car into the courtyard, parks it, and then goes in to get ready for the day (i.e. shower, get dressed, etc.). This clown feels like its a good plan to do this, blocking in EVERYONE who has an interior garage for sometimes an entire hour. We've called the staff, they have handled it appropriately. They talked with him the first time, fined him the 2nd, and are in the process of evicting him, because this guy just can't stop doing this. Day and night, mostly in the mornings when everyone is leaving for work, and then in the evenings when everyone is coming home from work, he just parks there constantly.

This morning my wife and I came out to the sound of someone LAYING on their horn. The man calls out his window about stopping cause he'll be down. Then this man attempting to leave for work in his GIANT SUV (which, mind you, I have no idea how he fits it into that little garage, bravo man in SUV) starts SCREAMING at him to move his car IMMEDIATELY. The little man who parked his car there comes walking down and slowly starts getting into his car, hanging dry cleaning in the back window, setting his things on the seat, dilly dallying. The SUV man honks again saying, "This is twice now sir, you can't park me in like this in the mornings". To which the man says.... (and this is my favorite part) "Sir, this is just the way its going to be. I can't be expected to carry my things all the way out to my car in the mornings. I own my own business and I come and go alot".
The SUV man retorts, "No sir, this is not the way its going to be, because you are simply not going to park there again. The next time you do this I'm just going to push your car out of the way with mine". The little man says, "Do you want to come at me? Come over here and I'll go right now". To which the SUV man ignores and tells him to move his car immediately for a 2nd time.

What a story... this guy is making it too easy for the to evict him.

Now... I tell this story not to sway anyone's opinion of Torrey Villas, because they have done a great job of handling everything since it started. Its just... who does this guy think he is.

Last Updated: 04/20/09
User photo uploaded on 09/03/2008
I have lived here for almost 3 years! Garages were designed to have vehicles parked in them and the apartment complex counts the garages as parking spots. This is how they have enough parking spots for the people that live here. However, many people do not and I repeat do not use the garages for parking cars. They use them for storage. I have complained since I moved here and the office staff still has not done anything about it. I disagree with you dude, when I first moved in they had fun themed community gatherings. I have not seen those since Irvine has taken over. When they started renovations, I called and asked when the events will start taking place again. I was told after the renovations. I believe it has been almost a year since renovations have ended and still no themed community gatherings. Another thing is what they call the community ammenities they rent out so you may not be able to enjoy the game room, movie theater or clubhouse if it is rented out. Which they seem to be rented out a lot. In conclusion, what sold me to move here 3 years ago, is not the same.

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