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Villas at Camino Bernardo
11203 Paseo Montanoso, San Diego, CA 92127
2 User Responses

I moved into the Villas a few months ago and I have sort of mixed reviews. I felt a little deceived when I first moved in and was a little disappointed with what I m getting for my money, but overall the experience has been ok for me. Not super, but not terrible either.

When I came to visit, I was amazed how much better the Villas looked than the other 1-br apartments in the same price range. The whole complex looks great and is really clean and well kept. When I came in, everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. They showed me the model apartment and I was really impressed. It looked great with the huge balcony, granite countertops, and brand new appliances in the kitchen. I knew this was the model apartment, but I was told they were all the same.

This was KIND OF true... The apartment I actually got did have the huge balcony and granite countertops and the brand new LOOKING appliances, but the carpet was really stained and gross and I've found quite a few things that were just fixed cosmetically. Cathy didn't want to replace my carpet but she did atleast send someone to shampoo it as soon as I was ready. It still looks gross but oh well, atleast I don t have to worry about being charged for stains. I also had problems with getting my dishwasher to run and drain. It took about 7 tries to get it fixed correctly, but every time I went to the office they were really friendly about it and sent someone to fix it within the next day. It was moderately frustrating that it took so many tries but everything is finally fixed and works. The poor repairs/construction seems to be a recurring theme in my apartment, but maybe that is just mine. Other than the carpet, everything looks great until you really try using it and find it doesn t quite live up to expectations. Garbage disposal only kind of works, dishwasher problems, one stove burner doesn t work, and there are lumps/weird places in the floor that I can feel under the carpet.

I also got an apartment near the leasing office and the complex entrance. I am a recent college graduate and live alone, so I really didn t think any noise would bother me. That seems to be my biggest complaint now though. I don t have too many problems with hearing neighbors yelling or banging around; it s more the problem of constant barking from the numerous yippy dogs and the loud cars driving in and out. The dogs bark at anything and everything without anyone trying to stop them, and the cars/trucks with really loud exhaust/radios are going by at all hours because I live in front of the only entrance. The worst is the garbage trucks that seem to come fairly early every morning. They grumble in, slam over the speed bumps, slam the dumpsters around a few times, and then roar back up the hill as they re leaving. This sometimes sets off a car alarm or two as well, so hopefully you re a morning person or a very sound sleeper because otherwise there s no way you can miss this 15 minute ordeal.

Other than my specific issues though, it s a very nice looking complex and feels very safe. I ve read complaints about the staff but they ve been very easy for me to work with. If you make sure you have an apartment away from the entrance and you re willing to stay on the office/maintenance to get everything to your liking, then you should be really happy here. I personally don t think it lives up to the $1400/mo for rent but it s clean, safe, and close to work so I ll probably stay here until I can afford to buy a place.

I think I know the apartment you moved in, and I definitely feel bad for you. But I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the dog issue. I'd hate to be where you are right around 3:30-6pm when people are coming home from work, it's a steady stream of cars coming through.
I guess I have an rss feed for the comments, so I just saw your post, and when I lived there, they were charging 1495 for 2bedrooms...just last year. They also pulled that carpet thing with me. They only cleaned the carpet, so when I first moved in it looked all clean, but when everything dried you could see the stains. They obviously didn't charge us for that when we moved out, but they did charge us for paint (and we barely touched the walls). It was about $250 "cleaning charge" and apparently that was for their in house workers getting $17 an hour. I totally know what you're talking about with the garbage trucks! And we had our dishwasher broken, but they fixed it right the first time. We did have two mice - they came in through the dryer hose I think. We put down our own traps and it took care of everything. We've since found cheaper and comparable places in Escondido. Many condos turned into rentals with the same granite and appliances.

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