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Villages at Treasure Island on Palm Ave

410 Palm Ave, San Francisco, CA 94130
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Okay, so I lived on treasure island for 2 years. Swore I'd never live there (used to visit a friend who lived there for years) but caved in and rented a place because we got a 3-bedroom dog-friendly place for $1750.… Full Review ▶


Okay - found a great pad on Treasure Island some time ago - moved in and enjoyed plenty of room in the common areas, cheap rent, and in-unit washer and dryer. Unfortunately, I don't own a car - and without a… Full Review ▶


we've lived here for over 2 years and we love it. All utilities are included so it makes living here very affordable, compared to living in the city Full Review ▶


I have lived on the island for 4 years now. I do have to say that if the rent were so cheap I would have moved long ago. But I never get sick of the beautiful views of the city. Depending… Full Review ▶


So I lived on TI for over a year years, I loved my unit. It was right on the water over looking Angel Island and it was beautiful. In my opinion though that was the only nice thing other then you're… Full Review ▶


I lived on the Island for 4 years. It was ok the first couple years, the cheap rent helped to keep me there a lot longer than I should have stayed. For the most part the people are inconsiderate, loud and… Full Review ▶


I just moved here and it does not seem as bad as everyone says. The staff have been helpful with all problems I have had (there have not been many). The noise is not so horrible, and I have yet to… Full Review ▶


This place was horrible. Where do I begin? Let's start with the scary dirty streets. There are always hoodlums hanging around with no respect, fighting, yelling, and leaving thier 2 year olds to roam the streets and the park alone. You… Full Review ▶


I've lived on Treasure Island for about a year, and don't intend to stay another. I would consider living on YBI, if I didn't have to endure dealing with the mutants that run the leasing office.

Pros for TI: Close to downtown,… Full Review ▶


My experience on Treasure Island for the past year has included nice neighbors, a cute, snug and warm little house, and sheer hell at the Transbay Terminal. I also call it the Transbay Urinal. Need I say more? I am outraged… Full Review ▶


I have had the wrost renting expeirnce of my life with the Villages at Treasure Island! They lied to get me to sign a lease about two many things to count. The sales people are rude and unprofessional and will do… Full Review ▶


Don't expect anything from the management. They will be very courteous, friendly, and helpful before you sign the lease...but once that's done things change.

Maintenance is definitely hit or miss. They can be prompt in getting the repair done, but I… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 2 years, on 2 different areas of the island.
I find that the maintenance responds within an acceptable time frame, although does the minimum to repair the problem at hand. Example, my shower: had the kind of knob… Full Review ▶


I have lived on the island for three years and have enjoyed most every moment. The island does have its pockets of unsafe housing, but I live on one of the major streets and feel completely safe. The neighbors do have… Full Review ▶


Keep in mind that eventually the place will be bulldozed and new housing will be created. There will be programs for first time home owners, below market renting, etc.

Some people are trying to build a TI "community", but considering that… Full Review ▶


Had two burglars. Nothings done by management. Full Review ▶


I have lived here a year....This place has turned to trash. There are constant bottles and trash in the driveways and yards. The occassionally there's no hot water. Constant power surges. LOUD SCREAMING NEIGHBORS. Kids running the streets until late at… Full Review ▶


I live on the island and have done so on and off for going on 6 years now. The places out here were at one time family housing for the navy and their set up reflects that. Every bedroom will comfortably… Full Review ▶


The anonymous poster from 09/15/2004 and rpgibson on 10/12 had it spot-on. I'll only add what I can that isn't too similar.

I lived on TI for 3 years and it has just gone from good to BAD. The rent was… Full Review ▶


I've lived on Treasure Island for almost five years and absolutley loved it when I first moved in. Slowly and sadly this place has worn me down. I've seen the community change drastically. The biggest downfall (aside from the EXTREMELY sub… Full Review ▶


I have lived on the T.I. for 1 year and love it. The views and weather are great and its the only neighborhood in the City that has ample free parking. As a native San Franciscan I always feel safe and… Full Review ▶


OK, two years there was enough for me. If you know San Francisco, equate "The Villages" to the Mission. Go down one block and you have nothing but graduate students and professionals, go down another and get stabbed. The units are… Full Review ▶


Sure there are a lot of little hooligans that run around, but if you don't like the city noise, it's great. There is lots of parking available and its not like the apartment company has control of the people who ride… Full Review ▶


Yes, you'll have to pay more for this part of the islands, but it is so worth it. NO crime. $1Billion Views facing the San Francisco skyline. Very quiet neighbors. A 10 minute commute to Downtown SF or Berkeley/Oakland. What's not… Full Review ▶


Slow to Respond Full Review ▶


You know the old addage "The best of both worlds," well Treasure Island living is the exact opposite. The apartments aren't that bad, there's enough space, the appliance, while old, work, and maintenance isn't that bad. The wiring is a little… Full Review ▶


There is no such thing as a perfect place to live. I think that if I didn't have the roomates from hell I might consider staying on the island. I have never had a negative experience with ghetto neighbors, maybe my… Full Review ▶


There are positives and negatives about living in the city - those include noise, vandalism, multi-culturalism, and a mix of people from distinct social classes. Treasure Island is a microcosm of what you might find in a big city so of… Full Review ▶


I´ve lived on the island for the better part of two years and have never been unsatisfied with my decision to do so. I will be moving shortly (outside the Bay Area).

There are some inconvieniences of course: no real… Full Review ▶


ok, I´m sure if I was inclined I could come up with a list of why not to live anywhere. I also believe any place you are is only as good as you want to make it. Let´s take some responsibility… Full Review ▶


This place sucks! The views are magnificent, but the island living is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Roughly 30% or more of the homes are designated low-income and throw in the Job Corps hooligans plus the toxic waste from the Navy… Full Review ▶


Okay, so I have lived her since 1999. I moved in the dot com boom when I was getting a mansion for my $1700/month. I have a dog, 3 bedrooms, 2 floors, a huuuuuge living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, I purchased… Full Review ▶


I´ve lived on this island for almost three years now...and it is far better than living in the main heart of the city. Of course there is some noise...some kids running around (PEOPLE...they´re just kids...when we were young ... did we… Full Review ▶


This island is a great place to live if you can avoid the loud----, ghetto neighbors and the dreaded bus ride to and from the city - morning and afternoon is like a preview of the Jerry Springer Show. If you… Full Review ▶


There is no fast connection internet.
The only way to get it fixed is find someone who moving out and has a "Sprint broadband wireless connection"(Who knows what that is now??? Sprint has no longer making new contract since… Full Review ▶


I spent two years on TI...Although the Brady-Bunch style of the apartments offers advents of mid-70s construction (like generous closets and storage; dishwashers and sink disposals, more than one bathroom, adequate windows with blinds, and a cute little backyard for Fido)… Full Review ▶


My wife and I lived there for over 3 years. During that time we noticed a gradual but continuous decline in the appearance, enjoyment, and safety on the island. The steady increase in noise from late night parties as well as… Full Review ▶


We have only lived here 2 months,
but will prbably not renew our
lease! the office is good, and does try to improve the area. they put out informative bulletins
and newsletters trying to cover the issues...but the fact remains, there… Full Review ▶


The basic problems of living in this bizarrely blended community are these--while there is a wild diversity of people living on the island, there seems to be no consensous of how to deal with each other and no attempt is being… Full Review ▶


The Navy is still doing "environmental cleanups" of whatever toxic materials they left behind and the water has more chlorine than the average pool. Scary!

The neighborhood has really gone dowm. There are really young, unsupervised kids running around at… Full Review ▶


I have lived here 4 months and I abhor the leasing office here at the Villages. I am a young working professional and never have I had so many bad experiences with a rental. If you don´t mind a leasing office… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
21 $ 2330
21.5 $ 3223
22 $ 3132
31.5 $ 2553
32 $ 2841
32.5 $ 3068
33 $ 2599
42.5 $ 2856
43 $ 3187


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  • Small Dogs Allowed

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  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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