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Elan At River Oaks
345 Village Center Drive, San Jose, CA 95134
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In the past 5 years we moved 3 times, because each complex had its problems that caused us to keep looking for something better. Just over a year ago, we decided to give ELAN a chance, because we had friends who lived at ELAN for 6 years!!! - and they were happy.
The Maintenance management and workers are friendly and totally cooperative in every respect. Every time we call with a problem - they fix the problem on the spot. Landscape maintenance is excellent and the apartments are cleverly designed to ensure privacy and quietness - the feeling that you don't have neighbors. The pool, tennis courts, elevators, sidewalks, public areas and open areas are all clean and very well maintained.
Most of the apartments have been renovated including ours. Everything is new and clean.

Sure, no place is perfect - even a palace has its downsides! But for us, ELAN is without doubt the right place for a long time. We feel safe here and we know there's always someone to turn to - no matter what the issue is.
Oh, we do have a problem... the background noise of the water fountains is okay during the day, but why leave them on until 9:30PM. They should turn them off when the sun goes down and save energy in the process.

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