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Glen Eyrie Towers
101 Glen Eyrie Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
2 User Responses

Glen Eyrie Towers at 101 Glen Eyrie Avenue in San Jose was just sold as of 12/2013 so the contact information is outdated as is this building. The most recent resident manager has just been let go by the new (?) owners that we have yet to hear from and there has been no notice as to wh the new manager will be ?

This place is dirty and poorly maintained since the last resident managers the Barton's move to Wyoming. Laundryroom is flithy, washers never wiped down or cleaned, place is just nasty and most of the screendoors are either broken and or torn and never repaired !

Rent continues to go up, yet the building and garden are so neglected it's a sahme. Major wood rot out front where the signage is and no one seems to give a rat's --- ! Avoid this place at all costs !

In response to the 12/06/2013 and 12/10/2013 reviews, Frank was a good guy and worked very hard as manager! He was let go by the new company that bought Glen Eyrie Towers because they brought there own manager. Both these negative reviews were written in retaliation to the tenant having their rental agreement terminated. This tenant was not respectful to the manager at all when the manager tried to talk to this tenant about certain issues. You can't always believe what you read. It was not fair that Frank was maligned unjustly because the tenant was asked to leave.
Repairs (minor) are never followed up on or taken care of either some people have been waiting 6 months just to get the bedroom screen window repaired!

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