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Villa Almaden Apartments
2905 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95125
2 User Responses

not recommend them, the manager is well down, does things she should not do, and does not give you the phone number of the owner to talk,,, also smoke heavily all day, her main engines seem a after another, they are not recommend living here.

Last Updated: 02/11/12
Seriously? This review makes no sense. The manager is not supposed to give out the owners phone number, he owns several properties and doesnt have time to have individual residents calling him to whine about minor issues. The managers JOB is to be the mediator between the tenant and the owner. Also, how are the condition of her lungs any of your business? She's not smoking in your apartment, she only smokes outside. She's not hurting anyone by doing it and if you are watching her smoke all day and upset because you think she smokes too much, then you need to find a job or a hobby...and no, stalking people does not count as a hobby.
if u watch the manager do nothing all day would'nt that b stalking..i bet she would b so kind to change her location of her bad habbit if u would only ask. im confused this post is for notes on maintenance or bad stoves or unsafe, maybe even noise issues ...talk with the manager one on one.. i bet she has your concerns at heart

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