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Mustang Village Apartments
1 Mustang Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
1 User Response

Mustang village started out as a "nice-looking" place to live. On the tour, the man was completely nice and made side comments like "well this is pretty much the only place to live." I've dealt with their staff after I signed the contract and everyone of them were completely rude and acted as if my problems with the apartment didn't matter because I was already 'suckered' into the contract. MULTIPLE TIMES they tried over charging me for rent for late fees even though I was on time with every payment. They DO NOT care for the students well-being or financial issues mostly every college student has because they will secretly charge you for things you had no idea about. I can go on forever, but in short, I will give you a list why not to live here:
-Unfriendly staff(especially management)
-Cheaply built (Every week something would break. Paint would peel off from the bathroom only to see the mold they had painted over)
-Roommate mismatching (3 of my roommate were completely opposite than anything I had put of the roommate matching paper)
-Towing (They are partnered with college tow so if any one does not have a sticker, they will be towed in less than 5 minutes
-Deposit (Our apartment was completely clean, yet they charged for strange reasons, too all deposit and I still owed.)
-safety(there were multiple break-ins just in the apartment around mine)

If anyone has written anything positive about mustang, it was either one of their staff or someone who didn't realize what was happening around them. Please mark my words. There has been NOBODY that I have talked to that has had a positive experience with these apartments!!

Actually, the positive reviewa were a result of a 20$ visa gift card that management was using to bribe residents to write a good review.

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