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Marine View Apartments
2905 S Cabrillo Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731
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This place is not as bad as everyone says. In the past they maybe didn't do credit and background checks, but they do now. The office staff is okay - Susan does a great job and were very helpful with any problems that I had. Overall the neighborhood is quiet and my neighbors just kept to themselves. The reason that I am moving out after only three months is that I live in unit 845. Should you move into this unit, be aware that unit 845 (and the whole building) are right next to the work garages where the workers show up every day before 8 am during the week, 9 am on Sat and Sun. They stay until 5pm every day (4 on Sun), and make noise that ranges from just conversation (directly below the bedroom window) to sawing,hammering and whatever else goes on in the workshop. This goes on all day. I work from home and like to sleep in on days that I don'e have to work (like Sat and Sun). The noise problem from the maintenance staff was so bad that I couldn't work from home and was able to break my lease. The grounds keeping noise is Monday morning, 8am, but that happens one day a week almost anywhere. Bottom line, not a bad place at all, just unit 845 was a serious problem for me. Oh, and they took $150 of my security deposit for nothing except a tiny mark on the doorframe that was there when I moved in. Totally dishonest as far as i'm concerned. I asked them to give me a break and they took of 1 cent. Seriously, and they did not pay the interest that they were supposed to. Be careful of this place!

Last Updated: 03/11/14
Lived at the Marine View apartments for 10 years. Had to move because it became infested with mice. It was absolutely horrible. Management wouldn't do anything about it until I notified the Health Dept., who gave a citation for mgmt. to cover up any entry areas within my apt. within 30 days. They came on the 29th day to do the job. Other tenants were inundated with mice, had traps, etc. It was a horrible infestation. I finally had to move because it was so disgusting!

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