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Siena Hills Condominiums (formerly Villas Apartments)

719 Watson Canyon Court, San Ramon, CA 94583
% Recommended
City Average

Great condo! I am currently living in the two bedroom condo for 4 years with my family and we love living in this place. Resort-hotel-look grounds, modern pool area, pet friendly, quiet and safe. It's on the end street so you… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Siena Hills on Bollinger Canyon Ln (the smaller section of Seina Hills) for almost 2 years now. What a fantastic place to live. It is always kept looking like a resort and its very quite, people are… Full Review ▶


I actually just purchased a condo in this complex and have been living there for about two weeks now. I'm amazed how quiet it is there and how few people I see. I have talked to the property manager several times… Full Review ▶


The one bed here comes with granite counter top, nice cabinets and especially the nice canyon views. It is really quiet at night and you can't barely hear your neighbors. They allow pets and the people here are really polite. Full Review ▶


This complex now goes by the name of Sienna Hills and it is being converted into condos except for on unit behind the Club Sport complex. They are renting for $1400.00 for a 1 bdrm. It's a bit steep and there… Full Review ▶


Searching for an apartment can be tough and reading these reviews does not make matters better.

But I love living at The Villas- the management team can be sorta flakey, just keep calling and they will respond.

The apartments are beautiful… Full Review ▶


Three things

Prepare to live among the dogs excrement (not everyone is responsible)

The kitchen and the closets smell VERY BAD, but if you don mind go ahead but if you do care, don?t think you can change this,… Full Review ▶


I have lived in the Villas for over 3 years now. At first I was very excited to move in because the apartments look so nice inside and out. However, after living in an area for more than a year you… Full Review ▶


I thoroughly enjoy living here! It is an absolute joy to live at a complex that is staffed by three of the most beautiful, helpful, warm and friendly women that I have ever met!! The maintanance staff is also top notch.… Full Review ▶


The management has always been kind to us and we lived there for 9 months. They were always responsive to our needs. The only thing that I DID NOT LIKE is that THEY ALLOWED PETS of ALL KINDS. If you owned… Full Review ▶


Poor Managagment/Poor Maintenance/Poor service/Poor Upkeep It takes at least 3 weeks to get any important maintenance done and at least 3 requests to have a response to anything. Dog rules are not followed. Dogs barking... So simply DOGS RULE!!!!!! Give them… Full Review ▶


The hills around the apartments are beautiful and it is sunny 9 months of the year here...however, the office staff are snotty and not helpful. I have had maintenance men sawing and hammering on my porch at 7:30 in the morning… Full Review ▶


Moving here from the south, I thought that the Villas were just beautiful. However, I soon found out that looks aren´t everything. We first lived in a one bedroom, and things were fine. Then, we moved into a 2 BR after… Full Review ▶


I have lived at the Villas for almost 8 months now, and I have no complaints whatsoever (and no, I am NOT part of the management team). The management is not the best but not the worst either - response time… Full Review ▶


The Villas is a nice place to live if you have absolutely no maintenance requests and you do not need to speak with the apartment manager. The manager/leasing agents are uncaring, have an uppity attitude and seem to "forget about requests".… Full Review ▶


Nice apartments in a nice location. The property management is unresponsive and uncaring. I would not move here knowing what I now know. Full Review ▶


Tucked away back behind the Mercedes Benzes of the snobby patrons of Club Sport lies The Villas. The Villas property is actually split up in two locations. The main section houses the overly priced units where you pay for a view… Full Review ▶


So far the Villas has been nothing more than a bad place to live. They a so-called "gated" community, except that the gates are always open, meaning that this complex is ridden with vendors, hawkers, and other miscellaneous people trying to… Full Review ▶


The Villas is an interesting place. As one of the only apartment complexes that allow dogs, they really do their best to accomodate everyone. I read where a review stated that DSL or Cable Modems were not available, which is now… Full Review ▶


OK, some of these reviewers are pretty harsh. I?m not going to disagree with them that the management isn?t that great, they are sometimes very snotty as with too many of the people in this area. The Villas is expensive but… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 1893
21 $ 3798
22 $ 2524


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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