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I never write reviews, but I feel I need to warn people! Our car was broken into 6 times. There are 14 people living in the one bedroom apartment next to us who don't clean, causing a massive infestation of roaches. Kids run wild, 8 to 12 year olds screaming obcenities at the top of their lungs while hitting baseballs against our doors and windows. Little to no response when maintanance was requested. Office staff did not speak English. Noise, noise and more noise, 2 am on weekdays playing music and kids screaming.

Bottom line, it's like living in a third world country...


OMG the roaches are way out of control and the stuff they use to fumigate does nothing
Well, i have to disagree with ur comments!!! I lived for three years at Warwick square community and the environment was okay!!! U have to consider that it's not a senior community but a family one; therefore, kids r around 24/7.!!!:) while my residency there not only the staff from the office was courteous and respectful but very helpful!!!!!!! I would absolutely recommend this community apartments to any ethnic group because it is a diverse community in which u feel welcomed and respected as if u were at home!!!! Just to end my comment the price is very affordable and they have services intended to aid children with academics!!!!! I loved this community!!!!!!!

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