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Re: Washer & dryer coming to your home!
Dear residents:
We are pleased to inform you that our team will be working in and around your apartment to add a laundry closet, washer & dryer to your home during two weeks beginning...
We apologize for inconvenience and ask for your cooperation...
Our contractors will need access to your apartment to make necessary renovations. The work will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. The first week they will be building the laundry closet and opening parts of walls to put the new plumbing in. The second week, the walls will be restored and painted and new appliances will be set in place.
At the same time we're doing the washer/dryer renovation, we'll also be re-piping your apartment....
Please do the following to prepare for the renovation:
1. Clear the area underneath your bathroom sink and empty out the vanity drawers and medicine cabinet. Also, remove all items from your counter top.
2. Clear the top shelf in your bedroom closet. In most cases contractors will be able to cover your hanging items with plastic sheeting and work around it. We will let you know if they need you to remove all items from your closet.
3. Please remove all valuables from the bathroom and bedroom area.
These areas need to be clear as plumbers will need as much space as possible to work while installing the new lines.... All of the work inside your home will take place between 9am & 5pm.
There will be one or two days when we will need to relocate you to another apartment in this building overnight, due to the scheduling of inspections prior to finishing the work...
We hope you'll be happy w/ these improvements... If you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact me in the office at 408-245-9700 or by email at manager@liveatcitra.com...
South Bernardo Associates LP
By: Kirby Sack Properties Inc., General Partner
Michael Gonterman, Property Manager

I have to strongly disagree with this post. I lived there for the same length of time and I have had a totally different experience. Mike and his crew have gone the extra mile to make the renovation as painless as possible for tenants and the result has been well worth it.
Can they even DO this? I don't think they have the rights. Check with a lawyer. I'm so glad I moved....

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