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Iris Park Apartments
611 Iris Ave # 33, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
3 User Responses

I have never lived at Iris Park; I just drove around while looking for a nice apartment complex.

Iris Park Apartments consists of two 3-story buildings, on which the first things you notice are the heavy moss on the roof and the dire need of a layer of paint. I haven't been inside the building, but from the outside you can see into the apartments at the bottom floor. I hope this won't sound bad in any way - what you can see through the windows looks like lower class accommodation.

The parking lot is large, not gated, and an important number of cars have bumps all over. Makes you wonder if the drivers are incompetent, or the kind that gets in trouble frequently, OR have no money for auto body work. There was a customized badass car in the parking when I visited. I hope the owner doesn't fulfill the stereotype (latino crook listening to ear-splitting hip-hop or mariachi). There were also a number of pick-up trucks will all sorts of stuff inside suggesting a blue-collar community.

Again, all the respect for these people. Someone has to do the less pleasant jobs in Silicon Valley.

User photo uploaded on 05/18/2007
Yeah I agree. This guy does sound like a total jerk! First of all, if you bothered to even look then you would notice that those two complexes have TWO SEPERATE names!!! One side is Iris Garden and one side is Iris Park. So great job, idiot! And I've been living in Iris Garden for almost 19 years and it's a great place! So don't listen to this person who thinks he's better than everyone else. He doesn't know squat!
haha, this person sounds like one of those uneducated-never has to work-because mommy and daddy will always be there for him-types
this guy is a jerk! no need to belittle people to make yourself feel better. if you are so much better then why the hell are you looking for an apartment???????????????

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