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Bella Vista at Warner Ridge
6150 De Soto Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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We were living in Bella Vista between 2009-2013 and moved for commute-convenience reason.
Leasing agents: Usually do not work there for more than a year, but we did not have any issues with any of them and they were nice (except of one who was there in 2009).
Maintenance: They are very nice and helpful. It usually takes them 2-3 days to respond to your call, unless an emergency. Sometimes your request can get lost...
Noise: You will hear your neighbors' doors shut and dogs/kids running on the upper floor. It is not that loud, but you will hear that.
Neighbors: During 4 years, we had about 10 different neighbors around and did not have any problems with any of them (a couple of times older ladies from downstairs asked us to turn the music down, although we turned it on maybe once a week for an hour and during the day, not at night... )
Safety: We did not have any problems, BUT there were people whose cars were broken in and whose apartments were robbed, especially during 2012. There was one incident when a guy stabbed his wife in her throat... And Since 2012, we saw police cars a couple of times a month. Nevertheless, most people there are normal and harmless. Well, this is a 2-block apartment complex, so there have to be some some *strange* ones. Just do not leave stuff in your car and lock the door because the "gates" are not really preventing anyone from coming in.
Parking: No problem!!! Either for you or for your guests!
Ammenities: There are 3 pools, only one of them is "heated", but unles you enjoy cool water, do not plan to swim in it when the summer is over. Saunas, jacuzi, and gyms rarely get crowded.They clean them regulary, but of course there are people who do not clean after themselves, so you can see some crap around.
Rent: They were increasing our rent by about 5% every year.
Moving-out: We cleaned the apartment thoroughly and got deposit back! But we spoke to 3 different people in the office to find out what we needed to do before we moved out, and 3 of them said different things...

Last Updated: 04/10/13
04/19/13Manager Response
Thank you for taking the time to post your honest feedback. I do want our residents to be proud to call Bella Vista their home, and so I read every review posted about our community. It is important to know where our residents think we missed the mark, as well as where we have done well - so that we can improve Bella Vista for everyone. We do have an Express Service Commitment, which states that requests will be filled within two business days. If this has not been your experience, please let us know so that we can address the problem. You can read more about the Express Service Commitment here: http://www.equityapartments.com/content/resident-commitments.aspx. I am sorry you have had a negative experience, and I would be happy to discuss any of your concerns with you. You may contact me any time at hhelfand@eqr.com or at (818) 888-5218.

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