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Warner Pines
6220 Owensmouth Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
2 User Responses

I think it is funny that they only care about maintaining what a prospective renter will see when walking to the office...
1. Car parking very far from apartment.
2. Very loud outside..
3. Washing machines are horrible and occasionally someone will steal your clothes
4. Management does not respond well to renters after u sign the lease.
5. Lots of additional fees besides rent which are not revealed when signing lease.
6. Homeless people sleeping in stairwells (guessing that why it smells like urine)
7. Dumpsters are overfilled and wreak of trash on the weekends.
8. No guest parking at all.
9. Hot water goes off frequently due to water heater and plumbing problems
11. Gym has horrible mildew smell. Like working out in a gas chamber.
12. Notices that you get from the management are back dated. They will also try to force you to pay fees that are illegal and threaten to evict you if you don't pay them.

Last Updated: 04/27/12
if my apartment is rent controlled- why did my rent go up this year?
I would love the opportunity to discuss any problems you are having. 1. Parking can be far from your apartment. Each apartment has an assigned parking space and if closeness is important to you it must be discussed prior to signing your lease. 2. We are located at the intersection of Owensmouth Ave and Erwin Street, daytime traffic can be noisy especially if you have your windows open. When your windows are closed and you have a stereo or TV on you can't hear anything outside. I have multiple residents who have lived on the street side of our complex for over 10 years. It all depends on how noise sensitive an individual is. 3. The washing machines are not ours but contracted out and residents are warned since they are front loaders they are highly sensitive to over soaping. The number one cause for malfunction is an individual putting too much laundry soap in the machine. 4. As a general rule management responds to a residents requests within 24 hours, most times within moments. If your concern is not addressed, the phone numbers, addresses and names of the corporate offices are clearly posted on our office door and at the front of the property. It is your right to contact the corporate office and advise them of any issues of yours that are not being addressed. 5. There are only two fees, besides the rent that are paid by the residents. We are a rent control building and when you move-in you are told exactly that and sign an addendum that explains the monthly SCEP fee which is currently $3.60 and then there is an annual registration fee, which this year was increased from $9.35 to $12.25. Those are the ONLY two fees that are assessed per the Los Angeles Housing Department. Any other rent control building has exactly the same fees in the city of Los Angeles. 6. Homeless people are unfortunately a sign of the times and like every where we are constantly fighting that battle. This is a 7 acre property and it takes every one's eyes and ears watching out for everyone else to ensure that we police ourselves. The homeless tasks force has keys to our building, as well as the local police department, and we all are diligent about taking care of problems as they arise. If a specific area smells for a moment, please let us know so that we may remedy it immediately. 7. The dumpsters get overfilled over the weekends when people moving out don't follow directions and put things in the dumpster that don't belong there. We have a pick up on Saturday morning, ensuring that there will be plenty of room for people over the weekend. However, when people are inconsiderate and dump their large items in the dumpster, then their is obviously not enough room to put what belongs there in there. Consequently, the next pick-up is Monday morning. 8. There is NO guest parking and we tell you that when you visit the building. 9. This is a 35 year old building, with 4 boilers and 266 units, 7 acres of copper piping, a minimum of 1200 angle stops and 500 shower heads. We probably do shut the water off on average of 3x a week, somewhere in the building, addressing and fixing whatever needs to be addressed. Most people are not aware of this though because they are at work. 10. (Oooops) No comment made, this person just skipped the number. 11. The gym can have an odor, especially when there are 4 or 5 people rigorously working out. There is a door that can be opened to the outside, we clean the carpets regularly, we also have put odor eaters in there, however for some reason people take them home with them. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 12. Not sure what notice this comment is referring to, but again, I would be more than happy to discuss this with the individual. This is not our practice, we do post and mail all legal notices, and the letter regarding the $12.25 RSO registration fee that we just posted and mailed last week was drafted by our attorney as per the rent control code, as it is part of rent and if it is not paid you can be evicted. We are clearly notifying our residents of the importance of paying this fee. I hope any one reading this can see, management is responsive and willing to work with you. Please bring any issue to us so that we might assist you in being pleased with your surroundings. We certainly don't want to contribute to someone's misery. Our goal is only to enhance your living experience and enjoyment in life.

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