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Ridge Hill Apartments

991 S Crystal Way, Aurora, CO 80012
% Recommended
City Average

I have never done this before but I have to do this to protect other people out there because before I moved to this apartments, I was warned not to rent from them but I was looking for something within my… Full Review ▶


Karen is a unprofessional, B****, old hagg, thief, liar, manipulating person. She allows the maintenance me to steal from the tenants apartments. The prices are good but not good enough to stay for long an allow this to take place. I… Full Review ▶


This place is by far the worst place I've ever lived!!!! The price is good but unless you pay extra like I do for Parking you might have to circle the parking lot at least 50 times before getting something within… Full Review ▶


This has been by far the worst experience I have had living in an apt. They do not scrape the parking lot during the winter months and my AC has been out for a month. They refuse to fix it on… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend renting here. The management will do whatever they can to "sell you" on "ours is best" routine. Within the first six months, we learned very quickly why renting here, was not a smart choice. For starters, during… Full Review ▶


I've lived in many apartments over the years. I'm over 60 years of age. Some are quiet, some noisy, some dangerous, some well maintained, some not. Ridge Hill has responded quickly and reasonably to my every request. They take their management… Full Review ▶


I have lived in these apartment for a few year and the only reason it has been that long is because I have been to lazy to move...The staff and especially the manager Karen are very unprofessional, shady, hateful, and the… Full Review ▶


Alright, I am going to be completely honest in this review. I won t say that this is the best or worst place you could live in. For the price of these apartments, you truly get what you pay for. My… Full Review ▶


I moved here in May 2009 signed a 6 month lease. Things were ok for the first few months, the rent was dirt cheap not to much noise. The apartment was clean for what it was. Then right after I signed… Full Review ▶


I lived in here with my 2 daughters and boyfriend on a 1 year lease. We lived in a 2 bed-2 bath 1st floor garden level apartment and things were fine for a little bit. When I signed the lease the… Full Review ▶


this is a bad apartment complex i just move in make my change of address on my phone company,but the phone lines were bad inside the apartment so i call the phone company and they charged me $ 85.00 dollars,everything is… Full Review ▶


I just had to put in my two cents. I have been here almost a year. I am already looking to move out. The sound in these apartments is unbelievable! I mean you can hear everything! People coughing, sneezing, having relations,… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

So, last night there was a shooting at these apartments. Now I am not at all considering it. Just thought people should know. (Just note that I have not lived there but was going to head to the leasing office today… Full Review ▶


Honestly I don't think living at Ridge Hill is all that bad. I have lived here about a year and granted the heating bill is always high and the seals on the doors and windows are rather bad. The neighborhood is… Full Review ▶


This is the worst appartment complex you can ever live in. The drug sale is out of control, and you cant complain because the office workers are apart of the situation. The charge you for everything, they dont keep the grounds… Full Review ▶


So I've been at Ridge Hill since May '05. When we first moved here, things were good. The staff seemed nice, maintenance was quick to respond. Fast Forward three years later. They finally have the hot tub running, which was supposed… Full Review ▶


I have lived here at Ridge Hill for approx. 3yrs. because I am a single parent and the price was cheap. I would have to say the maintence staff is actually on top of things, they are great! The only complaint… Full Review ▶


Even with the reviews, we still moved here as the rent was cheap and we were in a tight place. I don't know, it's not been bad at all. We are in garden level apartment and the place stays warm enough… Full Review ▶


I agree with everyone about the staff. I DID live at Ridge Hill for 2 years because I worked at ADT and it was very easy to get to work. I moved and they took my deposit AND charged me like… Full Review ▶


everything that all of these people are saying is the truth ...I have never been so unhappy in any of the other places that me and my husband and now my one year old son have ever been in.The management is… Full Review ▶


I Have lived at Ridge Hill for ten years and do not plan on moving any time soon. I have always been taken care of by the office and maintenance staff. I consider this place my home. Full Review ▶


This place has gone down hill. When Ridge Hill apartments first opened , it was the apartments everone wanted to live in, now they let EVERY and ANY one live there. My disabled mother lives there and she uses the one… Full Review ▶


Ive been at ridge hill for 5 1/2 years and it has steadily gone down the drain over the years. First off you can hear everything your neighbor does, its like the walls are made out of paper. Don't bother complaining… Full Review ▶


They dont take care of the residents here,even when it's their fault...the security patrol man is very rude,the whole staff it's very rude,Karen the mngr,Melisa the asst. mngr, the only person that it is nice here is Joe,he is the only… Full Review ▶


Ridge Hill seemed attractive to us because of the lower price and washer/dryer hookups. We moved from out of state so didn't know the area well and we really regret having moved here. The stairs are right next to the bedroom… Full Review ▶


This place is so bad we paid our way out of the lease to get out. The staff is a nightmare to deal with (except for Joe)everytime you walk in there they are rude.

The apartments are terrible. No hot water,… Full Review ▶


I lived at Ridge Hill for about 3 years and I must say I have mixed reactions.
The Good-
-Fast and responsive repairs
-Decent (competitive rent)
- Laundry/swimming pool
-Recently remodeled the outward appearance.
-located within walking distance of shopping places. Home depot, Wal-mart, burger king,… Full Review ▶


I'm in the industry and a normal resident doesn't use the term "unit".

Over 14 years ago I lived at Ridge Hill. The management company then was prety bad, CDS Group. I don't think their there anymore. But if it's still set… Full Review ▶


I lived at Ridge Hill for two years and I like living here, it's clean and the People in managment are easy to approach. I've had no problems with the tentants that live here... The pool is always clean, the cleanist… Full Review ▶


I get so sick of management coming to these rating sites and saying "No, the rest are lying, listen to me, this place rocks" ... well hear this and let me give you some tips to see for yourself and not… Full Review ▶


Ridge Hill is a good place to live. The office and maint. always goes out of there way to get a problem taken care of in a hurry. All the people complaining must have issues of there own that they need… Full Review ▶


I originally moved to the property because I thought that the buildings with the brick incasings looked liked little castles. However, after living on the property and getting a closer look "nothing royal" about this complex! As far as the noise… Full Review ▶


The guy working on my roof would eat lunch on my patio and stare into my apartment - when I told the leasing office I was told "Shut your blinds". And that was prolly the best thing that has happend to… Full Review ▶


I lived at Ridge Hill for 1.5 yrs and never got a good night´s sleep. My neighbors above me were so loud that I literally called the cops nightly for about 3 months, until one night the neighbor got so hostile… Full Review ▶


I lived in ridge hill for over 3 years.i dont like to move and that was the only reason i stayed.management is unwilling to even be nice. several times i was lied to about reciving a good rent rate.you would think… Full Review ▶


I lived at Ridge Hill a very long time ago...unless they changed some things, beware:

I was asleep, and in the middle of the night a guy dropped through the ceiling from the attic into my closet. I´m a light… Full Review ▶


Apartments are reasonably priced but very poorly maintained. Outside of buildings need extensive repair work. I was advised new carpet would be placed in my apartment before move-in but wasn´t. Carpet looked to be at least ten years old, a horrible… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 695
21 $ 882
22 $ 910
32 $ 1035


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  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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