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Meadow Creek Apartments
5117 Williams Fork Trl # B, Boulder, CO 80301
1 User Response

I've been a resident of Meadow Creek Apartments since December, and I have to say, I have nothing to complain about. The rent and utilities are easy to pay - just one combined monthly payment from my computer. In addition to having a great view of the foothills (specific to my room) and being comfortable and quiet, the apartment staff is a pleasure to work with. They answer all my questions promptly and professionally, and the service requests are always taken care of by the next morning.

Speaking of service requests: a little while ago, I was in Miami for a 3-day music festival for which the tickets had been sold out and there was no chance of admittance to the festival without a pass. I was an idiot and had left my pass in my apartment, so I had no other option but to contact Amber and Judi at Meadow Creek and ask them to get into my apartment and overnight my festival pass to me from Boulder to Miami. I sent out an email and a service request (from the Ft. Lauderdale airport at midnight) explaining what I needed and how desperate I was. The Meadow Creek staff sprang into action the following morning, and by the time the festival started, a day and half after I had realized my mistake, I was holding my beautiful festival pass in my hand!

I could have wasted 5 useless days in Miami as well as a whole bunch of missed work and money for the trip, but instead, thanks to Amber, Judi, and Meadow Creek staff, my whole trip was saved! I'm so glad I live here, because if I were living in a house, or some other apartment complex with a less caring and reliable staff, I wouldn't have been so lucky!

This is my first apartment since graduating college, so I don't have much experience with apartment complexes, but I can't imagine any serious complaints a reasonable person would have about this place.

Last Updated: 05/03/11
Greetings Anonymous, Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your positive experiences living here! Your comments are truly appreciated and I am pleased that you are enjoying your stay with us! Wishing you a super day! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 800.999.8600 ext 4010. Have a wonderful week! Liz

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