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Garden Center Apartments
70 Garden Ctr, Broomfield, CO 80020
4 User Responses

I stayed here for a couple weeks with my sister. BED BUGS EVERYWHERE. In her building alone (30 apts.) only two do not have bed bugs. The stairways leading up to the higher floors are falling apart. they have had at least three crumble already and to keep the sidewalks from falling out from under people as they walk to their front doors they have place 2 x 4's from ground to ceiling( which are already warping from the rain and heavy weight they are holding up). She had one neighbor O.D. another tried breaking into her apt. as well as other women. Not safe for structural and criminal reasons. Someone should call city inspectors to look at this place it might get shut down. Also the only offer to get rid of the bed bugs was that they gave her a can of spay she could use that kills mature ones but not the eggs or larva.Parking lots are about as good as the stairways. not to noisy beside the drunk weekend bar people!!

we lived there for a year and a half and struggled with bed bugs the entire time we lived there. the "exterminator" is a joke. he tells you to leave the apt and that it will take him a half hour to spray...BS! he takes about five seconds to spray your place and leaves. and the crap he uses doesnt even work! I think it makes them worse. everytime he would spray they would be 100X worse then before. most people dont realize how much it screws with your pshycology when you have bed bugs. I actually have nightmares almost every night all the time about bed bugs crawling on me and biting me. so dont ever move here. yes its cheap but the only reason it is so cheap is because they never fix anything and there are a ---- ton of bedbugs.
wow real ------ bag first responder. I may not be the best speller but i can recognize a real ------ when i read one.
"People just make them [bedbugs] sound worse then they really are." This is not true. I lived with my cousin in Salt Lake. I had bed bugs and was getting bit several times every night. I woke up to the feeling of them crawling over my skin. It was a NIGHTMARE!!! You obviously know NOTHING about them or ever had a problem with them. My cousin was in the next room and he never got bit; even to the point that he DIDN'T EVEN BELIEVE ME when I said I had bedbugs. He said I was "imagining" things. Yea, I was imagining the bites all over my body. BS. Bed bugs are a terrible thing to have; I KNOW.
First off you can't kill the eggs with any bug spray that I and the exterminator know of. And Garden Center offers free bug exterminator services every week on Friday and you pay nothing for him to come in and spray. Also they where fixing the stairs and walkways that where "crumbling" and that was the reason for the 2x4 setup which no longer is needed as they have fixed all of the apartments walkways and stairs with new concrete, rebar and sheet metal. All I can say is that it is not the ghetto and is not even comparable to the ghetto. I have lived here for almost a year and yes they do have bed bugs in SOME of the apartments but not most of them like you say, and they are really not that big of a deal. People just make them sound worse then they really are. If you vacuum and clean out your stuff along with bedbug spray and or the exterminator it's really not that big of a deal. Besides bedbugs are hard to kill as they are like cockroaches in the sense that they can survive almost any type of spray. Heat out of a steam gun above 120 degrees will kill them and their eggs or sub-zero temps will do the job. Yes it can get noisy on the weekends but I have never had to call the cops because it was to loud due to a party. The best thing to do in any apt is to take pictures of your valuables and get renters insurance so that way if your stuff gets stolen you can replace it. My mothers lives in a upscale neighborhood that had 5 houses broken into in the coarse of one week. Your argument is weak and feeble as your are not the most informed person to even be writing about this. For someone who is 26-28 and not capable of even spelling right I sure as hell hope the reader of your comment is smart enough to realize that your are full if ----. Have a wonderful day, A satisfied Garden Center Apt Renter.

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