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Pines At The Castle Rock
2220 Castlegate Dr N, Castle Rock, CO 80104
3 User Responses

My husband and I have been here for a year and there has been more management changes than we can count. They tell you one thing but do another, they lie and I am pretty sure that when they apply for the job the application makes sure they only hire the WORST of employees. The only team members that have been here as long as we have are the REALLY BAD ones.

There are NO sidewalks to walk around the DOG POOP filled community, most of the residents who have pets don't let them know when they lease..there is even someone with a St. Bernard.

The police are here every other day for drug problems and other things. This is like their second home. The mail man doesn't want you to put your mail in the outgoing box because of the mail theft that goes on so put it in your lock box.

The pools in the summer are too cold and in the winter they only seem to shovel the fronts of some apartments and not others. I would look elsewhere for somewhere to live....paying a little more a month would be better than living here.

Last Updated: 07/21/10
It would be greatly appreciated of you if you could come in and speak with James Roland personally so he may aliviate any concerns you might have.
Your being ripped off by your poop scoop service then, and he's putting it in the streets which is a city and county violation I am sure. Maybe we the residents should start charging you for the repairs and cleaning we do for you.
My sister STILL lives there, the place is a mess. You call them and they still don't get back to you. Don't waste your time. We finally moved and got a letter from the Pines telling us how great they are. I almost sent it right back to them...There are a lot better places to live in Castle Rock.

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