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Mountain Country Estates

105 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
% Recommended
City Average

STAY AWAY!! I don't see how Colorado is allowing terry regan to still be the owner, he also uses his sons name todd regan. He brings a bad name to the Colorado Springs area. There was a body found in these… Full Review ▶


DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! THIS PLACE IS GROSS & REDICULOUS!!! Went to look at apartments, and they showed us the 'demo' (the one in the pictures online), I should have known something was up when they made me sign lease before… Full Review ▶


ROACHES! Moved in a couple of weeks ago and when we viewed the apartment before we moved everything looked great. We couldn't test any of the appliances because the power had yet to be turned on. The office lady told me… Full Review ▶


DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!! I've only lived here for about 2 weeks and I wanted to move out before we even moved in! This place is INFESTED with roaches!!! I am fighting a never ending battle every day to try… Full Review ▶


If you have a choice DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! They are a horrible place to live. I lived there for a year!! First off they showed us their model apartment which was nice. When I asked to see my actual apartment… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

STAY AWAY, AVOID if you can. DO NOT put your money down and DO NOT rent there. I stopped by the leasing office on 12/22/2012. Their staff members convinced and firmly promised me that if I give them $190.00 in Money… Full Review ▶


DISGUSTING SLUMS!! I had gone to the front office to inform them of the roaches in our kitchen and mold in our bathroom and they wrote down on a small sticky note a work order to give to maintenance and told… Full Review ▶


This place is gross, dirty, worse place I have ever lived and I have lived a lot of places. There would be people running from the police through the halls, fights and drunk people every weekend. When my husband deployed we… Full Review ▶


Got into this apt thinking it would b ok since the price isn't bad and the apt is big. The ONLY good thing about this apt is the room. We walked n to our apt AFTER the cleaning people said they… Full Review ▶


the manager there really sucks and has a bad attitude but the maintenance people there work there asses off and r very good if it weren't for the manager i would of stayed there through out my lease Full Review ▶


Accidently I provided the wrong paperwork to this company and realized my mistake after I signed the lease. I tried to correct it since the paperwork given shows that I do NOT qualify for this apt and they will not let… Full Review ▶


I have never in my life witnessed or experienced bed bugs. Thanks to Mountain Country, I can now say that I have. Had to throw out my kids' beds, my bed, and most of our bedding and even a sofa. The… Full Review ▶


I can not believe this company is allowed to rent out these absolutely disgusting apartments. I moved in not knowing any better that it was in the ghetto, I just thought it was a good deal, oh yeah now they have… Full Review ▶


I dont even know where to begin with these apartments. I moved in about 2 months ago and im moving out next month, thats how horrible it is to stay here. When i first moved in, it seemed like a too… Full Review ▶


We just moved here, only been here for 3 weeks. We had no idea how bad of a place we were moving into because we are from out of state. We have had repairs being needed done since we moved in,… Full Review ▶


We have lived here almost 5 years now. Granted these apartments were not the best when we moved in. but we needed something large that was affordable. Yea we had a few problems in the beginning. But this place has gotten… Full Review ▶


If you like getting eaten alive by bed buds move here. the first 9 months was great untill we started getting mysterious bites that itch so bad!!!! not to mention the roach problem at first. we had to throw all of… Full Review ▶


I Just moved into these apartments and i love it. The staff is so friendly and helped me out a lot. At times the apartmnets can be a bit noisey but once you go and tell the staff they go and… Full Review ▶


I dont even know where to begin with this place. My husband and i lived here about 4 years ago. We were new to colorado springs, newly married, young, and expected. we came across these apartments and thought we were getting… Full Review ▶


Honestly its been a long time since ive lived there (over 7 years now) and all i can say is I hope they have gotten better if not they should be shut down. My now ex husband and i lived there… Full Review ▶


I lived there with my now ex hubby back in 2000, so i can only imagine how much worse they have gotten since then. When we lived there originally the balcony was falling off. the Bath tub above our apartment would… Full Review ▶


Just nasty! Filth everywhere, drug dealers, people trying to break in your apartment. This place is horrible! Full Review ▶


This place was the WORST place I have ever lived in my LIFE. There were roaches everywhere. GROSS. There were broken beer bottles in the yards. I couldn't even take my daughter out to play. A few weeks after we moved… Full Review ▶


At least 5 Major dealers and 10 smalltime ones will keep you in good supply of any drugs you want... Just be sure not to get killed. ;) Full Review ▶


Filthy hallways, drug dealing neighbors, bums and crackheads sleeping on the stairs.

My license plates were stolen on three different occasions in the parking lot, managment is consistantly worthless.

The owner (Terry Ragan) has a bad reputation as a slum lord (one… Full Review ▶


This was the absolute worst place I have ever lived. I don't know where to start. First of all I asked if they had a problem with bugs because I saw I notice for extermination on one of the doors when… Full Review ▶


I Lived there with my family while I was in the service. It was overpriced and they took no care of anything. Full Review ▶


Very bad place to live. Drugs and management does clean area. Hallways are always dirty. There are some very questionable people that live here. Would never recommend this apartment to anyone. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere. Full Review ▶


Very dissapointing. Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 684
21 $ 728
22 $ 908


  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

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