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Stetson Ridge
6010 Prairie Hills View, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
2 User Responses

I am about to move out of this apartment and I cant wait to get out of here. I moved in September 2010, and at first I was glad to move in. It was during Labor Day weekend and it was a 4 day weekend, so I was able to unpack, settle in, and get acquainted with my new apt. It was great. The first day I was there I did a walk through of the apt and I was disgusted, by what I saw. The dishwasher had hundreds of tiny gnats in the dishwasher! I didn't know what to do! Since it was a Friday and it was after office hours I had no one to call and they weren't going to be open for the weekend so I had no one to complain about this to. Next, i'm going through the rest of the kitchen and I started noticing that there were a few things protruding from under the stove. I used my broom to try and sweep it out, but it was stuck. When I move into a new space, I would like to know that its clean, and I like to keep my place clean, so I decided to move the stove to find out what was going on. When I did, I wish I didn't; there was all types of junk and grime and underneath the stove it almost made me wanna throw up, I couldn't believe it. This place was a pig pen and this was my new home! Now mind you, I found most of this stuff on a Friday, so I had to live through this for the next 3 days until Tuesday of the next week. I COULD NOT LIVE IN THIS FILTH FOR 3 DAYS so, I decided to try and clean up a little, and make my living conditions a little more bearable. But you know how it is, once you find one thing, you begin to notice more and more things and it came to a point that I stopped cleaning. For 1, I wanted the managers to come over and check out the apartment for themselves, because they probably wouldn't have believed me if I told them the unbelievable things that I found. And 2, I shouldn't be cleaning my apt as though I was the last tenant, and I was moving out. Having the apartment cleaned is something the apartment managers should've had done before I moved in! During my time here, I've had the closet door near my main door fall off the hinges, so what do the maintenance guys do?? They switch it with my bedroom closet door, are you kidding me??? The heater doesn't work in the winter and the summer, even with constant cleaning of the filter. Thank God I had a fireplace to keep me warm. In the summertime it has had to be 90 degrees in my apartment, and in the winter time, it is as cold as it is outside. I live on the 3rd floor and I don't know why its like this in this apartment, but this place is not well insulated at all, so watch your utility bill. I could go on and on with this review, but the moral of the story is this place is bad, and the apartment manager isn't accommodating to anyone, at least to this military member. Military stay away from here if you can, I have a few friends that live here and if it works for you, so be it. But if you can, do not move to this apartment complex. Go somewhere where you will be treated as though your business is valuable, and people appreciate. Good luck to you. I'm glad to leave.

Last Updated: 10/21/11
Your review is very accurate. I moved out 2 months ago and never got my deposit back after I spent 2 days cleaning. I left my apartment in much better condition than when I first moved in. As a member of the military I was outright disrespected by the management. The maintenance staff was a couple of teenagers who I was not comfortable with. The lock on our door was broken and after our bikes were stolen off our porch, we did not feel safe at all here. The management has zero credibility. Please no not live here.
Disclosure, This is the Manager:Dear Former resident, I would never want you to believe that you are not important to us. I apologize that the move in condition of your unit was not up to our or your standards. We were under the impression that we had addressed the issue in a timely manner and you were satisfied with the results. Please give me a call. We strive to give our residents the best customer service possible and we appreciate your feedback. We can always do better and I thank you for your candor. I wish that I had an idea that you were this unhappy while you were still with us so that I personally could have addressed the issues. Sincerely Lisa Vellar

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