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Cedar Run Apartments
888 S Oneida St, Denver, CO 80224
3 User Responses

When I first moved in I had my concerns based on some of the other reviews I had read. To my surprise, I did not find mold, I did not find ants, and maintenance came within twenty four hours. However, the carpet was stained, the walls were stained, one room still smelled like whatever pet the previous tenant had. And the good only lasted for about a month. Fast forward to today. I am at the end of my one year lease, and can't wait to get out. There's a constant leak in my shower I've been complaining about for 6 months. I've gone down to the office, talked to higher ups, everything, no fix. And yes, now there is quite the mold growth there. They don't care. Despite me being very, very clean, the ants appeared right around month three, and have been there ever since. The pond in the main courtyard has a leak in the bottom sheet, which makes for another very ugly looking pond next to it. The grilling patio in the main courtyard is currently closed off because the roof is about to collapse, and the clubhouse is closed after 6 because they aren't paying someone to be there and close up at 10. I've put in work orders for things other than the mold and the leaks and they've gone unattended for 2-3 months now. They switched the HVAC too early, and even when the forecast called for near-freezing temperatures didn't switch it back because it costs too much to switch back and forth. The concrete stairs are crumbling and they're being very very slow about fixing them. Bottom line, this place is falling apart and management is too incompetent to keep up. Save your money and your sanity and your health. Don't Rent Here.

I am really sorry Natalie that you are so unhappy and need to use insults about me on a public site. I am really grateful that I have numerous residents who certainly don't feel that way and communicate their issues with me in person and without insult. I also have copies of all of the emails from you and your husband that I responded to and a record of the phone calls between us on our database. We did have to repair our small swimming pool in June and we have and it is open. Our BBQ cabana repair was delayed because of contractor scheduling conflict and will be completed this week. The police and coroner were out because one of my residents passed away-of natural causes. I just hope his family doesn't realize his death is being used to try and make a negative point about our community. As I have stated to you before Natalie, I wish you and your husband, the best and hope you have some positive experiences to share in the future. Christina Shearn
The writer forgot to mention the missing door on Building A that's been gone for several months now. The smaller swimming pool that has been filled with water but not cleaned so it has some type of fungus growing in it, making it inaccessible. The elevators that were partially refurbished so they look worse than they did before. The smell of mold and mildew coming from the carpets in the hallways from burst pipes this winter. The fact that trash bins are left to overflowing and then pushed into the parking lot leaving residents to choose to either tote their trash through the underground parking lot to the trash bins or leave their trash in the parking lot. The fact that if you do pay for underground parking your spot may very well be flooded should it rain or the pipes burst (which has happened on more than one occasion). The constant vitalization of cars that are parked in the lots that include keying cars, kicking cars to leave dents and my personal favorite breaking off antennas of cars. To say management is unresponsive is an understatement, the phone is never answered and messages never returned. And finally if someone should read this posting and give a reason as to why the police and Denver coroner were in the parking lot this past weekend... it would be greatly appreciated. I agree, don't live here. Live anywhere else, including one of the shelters in Downtown Denver.
Make sure you go to yelp.com and post a review there. Christina (the moron who doesn't answer the phone or emails) posted a comment after my review. http://www.yelp.com/biz/cedar-run-apartments-denver

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