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Santana Ridge Apartments
1355 S Galena Street, Denver, CO 80247
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My boyfriend and I have lived here for 8 months and we are already becoming eager to leave due to our loud neighbors. The price for rent hardly seems worth it most times. The apartment itself is ok...and small. Cheap carpet, walls are paper thin and a lot of our stuff was old and broken when we moved in to the "upgraded apartment" (toilet rarely flushes, dryer doesn't dry, patio closet door won't shut at all, window leaks water inside when it rains, fake hardwood linoleum is warped, sink pipes leak water, big hole under master door, etc). Just yesterday the doorknob to our apartment broke and had us trapped in our own home for hours. What if there was a fire? We were late for work because we couldn't get out of our own apartment! The only way out was to hop the second story balcony. Emergency maintenance came an hour and a half too late to fix the door in time for me to get to work- unacceptable. There are too many children that run around and scream in the courtyards until about 9-10pm. The noise is probably the worst part of it all, actually. Regardless of all our noise complaints about the downstairs neighbors to management, nothing seems to change. They say they'll "take care of it" every time, yet my downstairs neighbors children run around all day slamming doors creating "booms" that shake our entire upstairs, including our bed when we sleep. Ear plugs and noise machine don't work to drown out the "booms" or the shaking. Letting an inconsiderate family of 5 people live in a one bedroom apartment is quite ridiculous! 2 adults and 3 children that run and scream at all hours of the day -and management doesn't seem to care very much or at all! We will surely be moving out if our downstairs neighbors don't do it first by the time our lease is up. Thankfully we haven't noticed any bug problems, and it appears the ground keeper works hard to keep the grounds looking nice every day (people in these apartments leave their trash everywhere). The location is good, but parking is usually a hassle. There was a gunpoint robbery that happened in these apartments last week, I no longer feel safe. I like the dog park, but I often find dog poop all over. I don't recommend these apartments to people that enjoy their sleep or quiet time. Otherwise they are worth checking out. Management is nice.

Last Updated: 01/28/14
I concur!! I am going through the same thing with my upstairs neighbor that just moved in. Whoever she is, she is loud as ever all times of the night and walks like she weighs 500lbs!! I say this because she is way smaller than I am and I'm a big girl lol. Funny thing, I have lived here since February of last year. Since moving here, I've barely had a neighbor above me. I resigned my lease in December and that same week, she moved in!! Lucky me! Should have moved when I had the chance...

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