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Ram's Village
901 Constitution Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80521
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I lived at Ram s Village for 10 months. It was an okay place to live, however our apartment had not been refinished like many of the others. Our carpet and furniture was old and stained. Our oven, upon moving in, was broken and there were papers behind desks. The drainage pipes were not affixed properly to the building and so water dripped onto our steps and froze during the winter. We had a problem with woodpeckers that the ladies in the office said they could not do anything about. It was not a bad place to live but not a nice place either.
On the money side of things, it was expensive. Our rent was the cheapest at $450/month. Add on to that a $50 processing fee, $100 restoration fee, and $200 cleaning deposit. Please note, because I missed this, the $100 restoration fee is non-refundable and does not go to cleaning. It is used to patch holes and paint, according to the office manager. Yes, $100 dollars to patch holes and touch up paint, pretty ridiculous. Also, do not expect to get all of your cleaning deposit back. We cleaned the place pretty well and were still charged $245 for cleaning our neighbors were charged $780. On the report they gave us the blinds were marked dirty, including the ones we had wiped down slat by slat. The carpet was stained, so we had to pay extra. The best part is they are refinishing the apartment this summer. So we cleaned it, paid to have the carpet cleaned and it will be replaced anyway. I called Little Bear Cleaning and they said it costs on average $325 to clean the 4 bedroom apartment, and they are the ones who clean for Ram s Village. When you compare that to the $645 we paid to clean the place, you realize we got taken to the cleaners by paying double what it actually cost to clean the apartment.
Overall, I would not recommend Ram s Village, it was expensive, a poor quality apartment, and they lacked good service. The only good things were the location and bus routes.

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