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4 User Responses

Some management are extremely fake and you can just tell when they are with-holding information and just pretending to be dumb about things just because they have something against you.

Also management has an issue with communication, they don't.

I strongly recommend you do not rent here. Smokers everywhere, Dog poop all over the place, noisy neighbors.

Last Updated: 08/13/09
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
trash in and all over the mail room, phone books piled high, trash full - not cleaned in over 30 days
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
disgusting laundry room is never cleaned
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
this is a good day - up to 10 carts have been seen here at once piled up in the parking lot
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
they attempt to supply dog bags but they go weeks on empty, the doggie trash bin is overflowing and on the ground.
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
someone is living in the parking lot
User photo uploaded on 08/13/2009
residence have junk piled up near their doors. Here is a homemade wall of cinder blocks, shopping cart, and dog kennel
I lived here for two years. Those pictures are very representative of what it looks like. I was there from July 2007-2009. Under the steps is not met for storage and could be a fire hazard.
I uploaded some images for you to view if your interested. http://s974.photobucket.com/albums/ae222/M8R-ql91h41/ Enjoy
When I see someone giving an overall ranking of 1, then when you add up their individual (specific) ranking that is actually average, I'd say this person is writing from an emotional place.
if you could be more specific with the issues in your post then it would make it more credible.

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