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Lake Vista
2235 Rocky Mountain Ave, Loveland, CO 80538
1 User Response

Beauty at it's best! yes, the apartments are stunning as are the views BUT...this place is a nightmare to live! Management is unorganized & rude. Maintenance is even worse! They are the huge hot-heads, full of snide comments and for some reason they act like they are pulling in a 6 figure salary...super arrogant. Not a kid friendly place..and even though they claim to be pet friendly..they aren't! Example: If you go somewhere for the day, and your dog starts barking, you will receive a call saying "please control your barking dog." Huh? I get no matter wants to hear that, but what can you do if your dog barks? Dogs bark! Once, i saw a chick from management grab a little boy by the arm and shake him until he dropped the 2nd hot chocolate packet he'd grabbed..Another time, some young girl drove up to the maintenance garage and asked if they could fix her lights. The head guy yelled (heard it from my window) "Do you think your the first thing on our priority list??" Walls are paper thin...you will hear snoring, sex, laughing, tv, radio, the microwave, the dryer, neighbors arguing. Dont get sucked into this place by the ammenties feature. Everything is locked up, the movie theater never works and when the office closes for the night, you cant use any of it unless you reserve it way in advance. Cops roam this place all the time...not sure why. Also, recently a sex offender was arrested and management promised that a letter would be issued to inform us the progress of the offender and whether or not he'd be coming back. There were no guarentees he'd be permanently banned...we never got a notice. Little boys lived by this guys house. Rent a house! Do not rent here, you will be so sorry. One more thing...on very cold mornings, depending on the building you are on, you will not have hot water or heat. This was the way it was all winter! I know the place is gorgeous, but do not judge a book by it's cover. Residents are moving out left and right...this needs to be labeled as a retirement community!

I had to respond to this ridiculous post after reading it. We have been residents here for almost a year and can't disagree more with the statements made. There was a very serious accusation made about the kid and the hot chocolate and the "chick" as you called her. I can't imagine anyone at Lake Vista doing anything like that! And if you make serious accusations you should not write the letter and sign it as anonymous. The staff (management, office, and maintenance) has been nothing but professional and friendly. And believe it or not in an apartment there are times you will hear your neighbors...just goes with living in an apartment. We rarely hear ours and we have them on all sides. As far as the movie theatre goes we have used it many, many times and it has always worked perfectly. Have you ever asked why things are locked up in the clubhouse? My guess it was because other tenants have spoiled it. As far as hot water and heat, each apartment has it's own....don't know how the "building" could affect that. And I appreciate the police that do drive through here on their rounds...makes me feel even safer living here especially when I am alone. I truly feel at home living here and don't want others to stop other good, responsible people from moving in here. There are many of us that love living here??

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