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4264 McWhinney Boulevard, Loveland, CO 80538
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We met with Jeremy and applied for an apartment here and were told it would take 48 hours to process the initial application. At that time, we could pick up our paperwork to begin the process. We asked specifically if the application was denied or we changed our mind if our $100 holding fee was refundable. Jeremy answered that if we were approved and went through with the rental, the fee would be applied to our deposit. Otherwise, it was completly refundable and they would hold the check until they heard from us. We ended up finding a different place and now they are refusing to return our check, saying they only held it for 48 hours. Well, if we only found out about the paperwork in 48 hours, how were we supposed to make a decision by then? We hadn't even gotten to see the apartment at that time. At no point in our discussion was it mentioned that they would only hold the check for 48 hours. They were dishonest from the beginning. I would NOT rent from them.

wow, bad choice. unfortunately this experience is probably common to any management team. In the future try not to give up any cash unless you know for sure. after all, it was a HOLDING fee. if the holding fee was refundable, and therefore no risk of loss, it doesn't really give the apartment much reason to HOLD the apartment for you, does it? the whole point seems to me, that if you back out they get a little something for their trouble and inconvenience. after all, what if they had to turn down a potential renter because the apt was reserved for you? I think 48 hours was being generous. yea, the fact that they did not mention the fee was refundable for only a certain period wasn't completely honest - but come on. common sense must ask if the holding fee is refundable indefinitely, why ask for a deposit in the first place? i mean why not just take your word for it along with the unicorns and rainbows that seem to populate your little universe? it's only $100. If that's a big deal, then you should probably move back in with mommy and daddy, maybe they'll even make your bed and cook breakfast in the morning.

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