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Thistle-Sage Apartments
11801 Washington St, Northglenn, CO 80233
1 User Response

My husband and I lived in Thistle Sage for 3 years. The people in the office and the maintnence people were always very nice and professional. They were also quick to send out notices if people were loud or there was obvious drug use.

The down side to living there was it took at least a month to have anything fixed. We lived on the 4th floor so we had a problem with the roof leaking. It leaked for about a year. The leak was in our second bedroom, which was a guest room, so we weren't in there very often to notice. They finally fixed the roof when we said we would break our lease if it didn't get fixed. They also did a lot of work on the steps so there was a lot of drilling and sanding going on in the early morning. There is also little to no insilation. With the heat on 85 the apartment usually didnt get above 65. There was also constant graffiti in the elevator but it was usually painted over within a day or two. The elevators are also rather scray. They break down often and make a lot of odd noises.

About a year and half after we moved in there was a police raid on an apartment across the court yard from ours. You know its going to be a bad day when you open the door to go to work and theres a police man with an M16 pointed at you. There was also a shooting in a build across from ours about 6 months later. Thank god the Northglenn PD are johnny on the spot. They usually arrive within 2 minutes of being called.

Over all it isn't bad for the price. Our apartment itself was nice but its not really worth all the trouble.

Oh, you were there when the SWAT team came that morning? What a wonderful experience that was... I don't know what was going on with those folks in their underwear that they carted away, but apparently whatever it was called for a full SWAT team, lots of support personnel, and even a sniper... I never did figure out where the sniper was at during the whole thing, I just saw him after the fact.

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