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We rented this apartment in july of 2011, because of the close proximity to our jobs and the highway. We are now in the process of trying to get out of our second year lease one month early because of many issues with this complex. We had our apartment broken into and the property manager Shelley did nothing to make us feel secure or comfortable. She did not even apologize that it happened in the first place. Then a few weeks ago, our car was broken into and items taken out of it. Once again, nothing was done to make us feel secure in our apartment or this complex by the property manager. The apartments are overpriced, outdated and maintanence is horrible. Our apartment building lost heat and hot water three times per week over this past winter alone. We pay for maintanence each month with rent, but no maintanence is ever done besides the lawn and pool. If you have an issue with your apartment's maintanence, good lucks trying to get ahold of someone to take care of it. They will not let us out of our lease no matter what we try without charging us a large fee, even though our lease technically started 1 month before it was written up. Horrible water stains in the bathroom that are not fixed, just painted over. Also, they do nothing about loud tenants no matter what you say. We have a tenant over our apartment that blasts his music from 10pm till wee hours of the morning on weekdays. Nothing was or is ever done about this issue. The "storage units" are disgusting, not to mention in our apartment building there is only 3 units, therefore our items do not have a unit at all. Bottom line: DO NOT RENT HERE!!!! You can find better apartment spaces elsewhere. It is not worth the price or the convenience to the highway. Stay Away for your own good!!

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