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Groton Estates
260 Shennecossett Road, Groton, CT 06340
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I lived here for quite some time. They tell you each apartment gets 1 off street parking space. (yet they won't enforce that) and if you ask them again after you sign the lease, they will say they never said it. Just last year they told all residents that they were putting in a pay laundromat and residents were no longer allowed to use thier own washers and dryers. Heat & Hot water included, only when they feel like it. They can forget to fill the oil furnace and you can go days without heat/hot water. Community areas that management is responsible for are not upkept. They send out notices about spraying for bugs and then don't show up 3 or more times and then suddenly they showup, knock twice and start opening your door to come in. This place is a horrible place to live. They treat you like crap, they think they own you can do what they want. They say pets aren't allowed, however it seems if they like you, you can have a pet. When it comes time for lease renewal, they will raise your rates even though the apartment is going for cheaper in thier newspaper ads. My friend who lived near me had to have some required repairs done on her windows and Groton estates tried to make her sign a waver of her rights to sue if she got injured on any broken glass or during the replacement process. When she refused to sign, they proceeded with eviction proceedings. Nasty mangement.

Last Updated: 03/04/08
Agreed. Very nasty management too if you have a problem with anything while you live there. Wouldn't reccomend Groton Estates to anyone with the money to live somewhere else.

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