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Ledges Apartments
11 Ledgewood Road, Groton, CT 06340
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I agree with everything that was said about the Ledge's being the worst place to live. I moved in my apartment in Jan 2005 and I have been living here since only because I have to. If i move I will lose my BAH and I can't afford to do that. The rent here is outrageous and the apartments are falling apart. My crown molding is craking, The garbage disposal leaks into my dishwasher, making my dishes really dirty once I have hand washed them. The nails are are coming through the walls. The Vertical Blinds fall off if you open the blinds to go onto the Patio. The maintenance sucks bad. I called and told them that I was having a problem with my A/C and that it was freezing and leaking the only thing they did was come and clean my carpet in that area, they told me that I needed to change my filter that's the reason it was freezing up. After several calls I found out that it was something totally different and it took a year for them to figure this out. I also agree with the Office staff they're not the bright bunch you can go ask a simple question and they will have no clue what answer to give you. When I say don't come here I please take my advice because you will only be ripped off by paying these outrageous prices just because of the look of the apartment from outside. Oh yeah I also forgot to mention that Since I have been living them have been going missing first it was a necklace,hat and then a movie. I have warned you don't move in.

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