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Berkshire Apartments
4201 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016
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Do not rent from this estabishment under any circumstances. You will regret it.

Many people have remarked on how you are paying premium prices for a substandard apartment. The reason this is so is that few people who can afford the exorbitant rent would actually choose to live here. This is a slum.

What happens is that renters are told to misreport their income as a matter of office procedure. In other words, they are directed by management to LIE on their application. Essentially the leasing officer gets a commission for signing you and then will allow you to stay until your money runs out, knowing in advance you cannot stay the year, and then you are evicted.

The high rates are to cover the expenses associated with attorney fees/evictions and people holding units for which they cannot afford to pay rent. After making promises to work with you, they have no trouble evicting tenants, ruining your credit and ability to rent again.

As many have observed, the renters here are predominantly poor. The conditions are substandard. How can they afford these rates? They can't. In my row alone (which has maybe 10 units?), I have noticed at least three eviction notices on doors over the course of about six months.

The leasing office promises to "work with you" to sign you up... whie encouraging you to misreport your income, but they quickly go back on their word. The word of the leasing office means nothing. They have no integrity and are pretty mcuh geared at covering up their own misconduct rather than helping you.

During that time, knives have been thrust through my large peep hole on three occasions. Break in attempts have been made while I was in the apartment. My next door neighbor was an allged criminal, according to other residents. Drugs are prevalent throughout this place and sometimes the office staff looks stoned. On a few separate occasions, I have come in to make inquiries and found the staff unresponsive, even glassy-eyed. My impression was that they were either on drugs or had checked out.

There appears to be a high turn over rate of staff, another bad sign.

At one point my car was improperly towed for not having a sticker. The leasing office said it reclaims cars for people it likes, but since I wasn't liked, as I was behind on my rent (since I had lost my job), they would let my car accummulate hundreds of dollars in impound fees, telling me that if I didn't collect the car in a month, it would be mined for parts and smooshed into a little box and thrown into a junk yard. This was a $15,000 value--gone, and at a time in which I needed transportation for job interviews.

They eventually returned the car with a $250 improper parking ticket on it.

In addition, the washing machines or card dispenser for the machines sometimes don't work..and when they don't....staff has no clue on how to fix it, whom to call, or when it will be operable again.

The standard of living is poor, as everyone else has said.

Do not rent here. Everything pay say about this place is true. You will regret living here...even if you are on top of your rent, people complain of not getting tehir securit deposit back...or that the office will lose your paperwork, etc.

It's a bad situation all the way around--frightening actually. You are dealing with dishonest, incompetent people who pass the buck. Pretty much everythin that can go wrong will....and when they do, you will not be engaged in an honest, civil, or professisonal fashion.

Another issue is the noise--you can hear wild parties in the halls and since the floors are wooden, you can hear you neighbor's every step--which is amplified to a phenomenal degree below. Sounds like booming. My upstairs neighbor wakes me up at 3 am (when she returns from her parties) by running (stomping?) over the floor. The noise level is excruciating.

Not to mention the time you waste fixing or addressing the never ending stream of problems here.

The Berkshire is a nightmare.

Last Updated: 04/06/12

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