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Naylor Gardens Apartments
2725 30th Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20020
11 User Responses

I am a white woman in my early twenties, and I moved here with my fiance in January 2011. When I'm inside my apartment, I have to say I'm pretty happy! The rent is very cheap, AND all utilities are included. The security deposit was one months rent for us. The carpet, light fixtures, paint, and flooring are all new in our unit, but I've heard that it's different from unit to unit. The kitchen is small; there's no dishwasher, only a small sink, a half-size stove, smaller refrigerator, and minimal cabinet space. We keep our dishes in the dining area, and most of our pots and pans under a cart we bought for the far corner. The buildings are old, so there's no central air or central heat. All of the heat comes from radiators (so you can't control the temperature), and we bought an air conditioner for the bedroom. You also have to pay an air-conditioning fee to use an air conditioner in your apartment, and the amount of that fee is based on the air conditioner you buy. We also have two cats, and we don't have to pay any pet rent or pet deposit. There are three separate locks on our front door, and the building door is locked as well, so I feel pretty safe inside my apartment.

The walls/floors are pretty thin. I've been kept up several times by the neighbor below us playing music throughout the night. However, I told him that his music was keeping me up, and he's turned it down so now I can sleep at night. Other than that, we get along with the rest of our neighbors just fine. All of our neighbors are older black businesspeople, which means that they have the same work hours as my fiance and I, so they're usually home at the same times as us. But then, they do usually go to bed at the same time too.

The main reason I'm giving this apartment a bad rating is because of the crime. My car passenger window has been smashed on TWO separate occasions, my GPS was stolen, and my car was keyed up. There's supposedly lot parking for the complex, but there's never any free spaces. Plus, if you want to park nearby your building at all, you HAVE to park on the street. At first, I thought the constant vandalism was a race issue, because we're pretty much the only white people in the area. However, my neighbors have had car windows smashed too, so I guess it's just the people passing through the area. The security guards that drive around are a joke. They don't carry weapons; they don't even get out of the car to try to enforce anything. They're just supposed to be a visual deterrent, but the people who commit these crimes know they don't actually do anything to stop a crime. And, since almost all of the parking is street parking, the leasing office isn't responsible for anything that happens.

I've been trying to get out of my lease for a few months now. I don't spend any time outside of the apartment, which is a shame, because it's well maintained. The leasing office is adamant that we're not to be allowed out of our lease, because the issue is nothing that they are responsible for.

All in all, if this apartment was in a safer area, I would probably stay here awhile. But I just don't feel safe.

Cockroaches! Beware of Infestations! Surprised no one mentioned this big issue.
Eh. Whatever black people. Stop being so butt hurt ALL OF THE TIME for effing Christsakes. And stop carrying your heart on your sleeve or trying to knife some white person in the neck because they didn't speak "your" lingo just right. I'm black and if some little knuckled-headed picaninny tried to smash in the windows of "my" car, I would kick them until they were dead and then light them on fire.
The "white woman's" review was the most informative of all, and I think it's pretty significant that she moved into this neighborhood. I applaud her for courage and her review. I am Black, have heard concerning things about the area, but am impressed that a white woman survived here! So Boom! Go in on that!
It's crazy how everybody is going on this woman for simply stating what her experiences were at the place, people are different and they have different opinions, plus let's be real and open, race is always an issue in this country whether purposely or not! Bottom line, a white women 9 times out of 10 won't know the experinces we as black people go through in a rough neighborhood constantly surrounded by crime, it's more so just what we are accustommed to, you can't blame her for one not knowing not to have her GPS visible or two thinking that a nice place equals nice people around her! So please chill out on the ignorant comments, lighten up people...
why focas on race ,because they discriminate .I put in an application and it was denied .2 days later put in an application somewhere else ,approved w/ outsyanding credit ,and income quilify.so later the same day put in app. at another property .samething .outsinding credit .So the next week wwent to DC housing .told them the story ,contacted attns. and Md. houseing all said what they did was discrimination .So to Naylor Gardens ,,BAD BAD MOVE ON YOUR PART .So long And I will pursue it .so thanks it worked out good for me and you will feel the outcome. bye
I have several family members and a few coworkers that live in Naylor Gardens. Some of them have been there for more than a decade, others less than two years. None of them have experienced any vandalism. It seems, from the reviews, that they've just been lucky. Well hurrah for luck!! It's sad to say, but, I think, vandalism and car theft are here stay. I was considering moving to Naylor Gardens, but I checked with my insurance company and found out that my car insurance premium would more than double. Other than that totally outrageous premium, I would have been trying to move in next month. Everything else was wonderful.
I am wondering why you had to focus on race in your review. Why is it important that you are a white female or that your neighbors are older black business people? You can give your experience without talking about race.
Wow sjohnson,, you really gave her some heat because she just voiced her experience at Naylor Gardens. "Maybe somebody needs to teach you how to live"...that was a lil harsh there. Some people need to learn how to adapt to their area if they've never been in a city setting and/or new to the area. Mistake made... lesson learned.. and she adapted accordingly. I don't think she said anything was wrong with the size of the kitchen or other amenities, just merely identifying the specifications. I have a friend who lives in Fairfax Village (SE,DC) who told me that should I move to Naylor Gardens, I need to be sure I lock my car up with a wheel lock even with a car alarm. She explained that the area has problems with stolen cars and vandalism. Just passing along proactive advice. Yes, crime is everywhere, but this has been the reviewer's experience. She didn't say it was a bad place to live, but just making others who are interested in living there, aware of what could become a concern. I plan on moving there in October as a means of saving money. Will my experience be different, perhaps.. and perhaps not. But I appreciate her ability to provide her insight in a very well written manner. For the record.. not that it SHOULD matter.. I'm a black female in my 30s. So, no.... race is not a concern with my response. Just seeing her review for what it is, her experience... and I sincerely appreciate it.
According to my neighbors, the target is cars parked on the corner of 30th and Erie. A few of the neighbors said that there are some kids that walk home through this area, and they believe those are the ones causing the issues. The neighbors directly below us have had their car windows smashed at least 2 times, and I've talked with a few other people in the building next door about it. One of my neighbors said he even chased after some kids who were loitering by the cars with his gun! I don't park on that corner anymore. It's worth the walk to me to keep this from happening. And since I've started parking down the street, I've had no issues for about 2 months. I did understand moving in that it would be mostly street parking, only a few lots, and no "private garages". I'm given to understand that most of DC is this way. I did understand moving in that there were very few amenities. I knew it was an older building, and that's part of the reason. I did forget to mention that I have a 1-bedroom apartment, and maybe that's part of the cause for the small kitchen and bathroom. There are exactly four cabinets in the kitchen, and there is no storage in the bathroom. The free utilities are nice, even if you can't control the heat, and they crank it up really high in the wintertime. But, this place is what I could afford, as I was coming from out of state. I wanted to give my personal opinion of the apartments, the area, and my time at Naylor Gardens. And, as I stated above, I would have had a nice time here, if not for the vandalism issues.
I have to agree with sjohnson22. I am just leaving after 6 years. The only thing I could complain about is parking which they can't control.When you pay low rent rent you won't get alot of the extras you get when you pay 1,500 or more in rent. I have to second the comment of "who leaves a gps visible". Good maintenance and worth the price.
Maybe they are targeting YOU because I lived her for 8 years and I enjoy it here. You also complain about the amenities in the apartment didn't you know about the amenities before you sign your lease... Are you sure you live in Naylor Gardens because I have generous cabinet space and a pantry.. You live in the United States.. crime has no address & who leaves a GPS visible.. Maybe thats why your car keeps get breaking into.. Maybe somebody needs to teach you how to live. If you dont park on the street where else are you going to park.. you thought you was getting private garage.. I agree their are lack of ameneties but the good thing is all utlities are included..

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