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The Chastleton Cooperative

1701 16th Street Southeast1701 16th Street, Northwest, Washington, DC 20009
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I lived in the Chastleton for 3 years. The first year (2002) my roomies and I loved it. Our apartment was beautiful, had an amazing view, location was safe and efficient, the security officers were extremely nice, the apartment was very… Full Review ▶


I used to live at the Chastleton.

Just browsing for homes and ran across this thread.

Yeah, the management was lame, but the building was great -- great ballroom, courtyard, gym, neighbors -- such a great community and such an amazing location --… Full Review ▶


under the new management and after turning to a co-op, it is way better living here, the building is getting renovated and looking better everyday. Full Review ▶


Yeah the lobby smelled of vomit last month--so did the *entire* neighborhood--it was fertilizer and it was tracked in on people's shoes. At least if you're going to be critical, choose something reasonable like the ex-management ARMC was rude and conniving.… Full Review ▶


I love this place. Very clean and great location. Full Review ▶


The pipes don't work, the lobby smells of vomit, they lose rent checks, the staff are unreasonable and rude, they lie about fixing things, and did I mention the lobby smells of vomit and the people are rude? Full Review ▶


ok, can someone tell me why you all got rid of Daryl? He was great, friendly, funny, efficient. Hell he gets along well with paula, with her ------ self. Daryl knows all of the residents names, which is very important in… Full Review ▶


I have not lived there since 2003, yet, they sent me to collection a month ago, saying that I owed them money, which is a complete and utter lie. They prey on people thinking that they won't keep receipts or checks… Full Review ▶


The rent is too high for a tiny tiny tiny kitchen with little space and old appliances.The apartments are also laid out badly, no washer/dryers on each floor and mangagement will make you cry. They must have no teeth bec I… Full Review ▶


I had the misfortune of moving into the Chastleton from another state, not having known anything about the building or staff. The location is ideal. The security people are always friendly. Everything else about the Chastleton is horrible. We've been having… Full Review ▶


If you want the ideal Dupont experience, then the Chastleton is for you. As long as you pay your rent and keep your mouth shut then you're fine, but if you have any problems and approach Paula Covington, then she turns… Full Review ▶


The staff is rude and don't expect a call back. THe security and support staf are wonderful but the management is inconsiderate and at times heartless. the rent increases are ridiculos. There are better places in the Dupont area...don't come here.… Full Review ▶


The Staff at the Chastleton Apartments is great. The General Manager (Paula) is always there working late, she is always friendly. The staff in general has always taken care of any problem that I had.

I have been renting for years and… Full Review ▶


I've lived here about a year and must say the current management needs to be changed in order to justify the increase in rents. They are going condo though, so things may change with the management until then. Location is the… Full Review ▶


Last year, around this time, I was moving into my new apartment in the Chastleton. I had just moved across country, didn't know anyone in the city, so you can imagine I was excited but a little nervous, as well. Since… Full Review ▶


I've lived in the building for over 6 years and I have seen the service go down drastically since the new managers took over a little over a month ago. They are incredibly rude and nasty. The management used to be… Full Review ▶


I moved out of the Chastleton a few months back, after being there over one year.

I do not know who wrote some of the positive reviews of the management, but they seem self-serving to me. Based on my experience and… Full Review ▶


Ok so I've seen people complain about their rent going up $50- make no mistake when i say rent is skyrocketing i mean going up over $400 a month! Also, there is a 3 month waiting period for a parking space.… Full Review ▶


Let's get one thing straight. I never lived here. Never got a chance. I've been trying to inquire about an apartment at the Chastleton for six months, but not ONE of my forty or so phone calls has been returned. Angela,… Full Review ▶


A co-op conversion would really be fantastic. Full Review ▶


The chastleton is a beautiful building but I agree that Paula Covington the new building manager is extremely rude (as do some of my neighbors). Recently they have gotten rid of the friendly staff that knew everyones name and greeted them… Full Review ▶


Today I was cleaning some of my stuff that I have in my desk and I came across for some paper that I have from this website, I want to check website again. This my second time on this website my… Full Review ▶


The Chastleton has the best staff. From front office, to maintenance, Resident relations, they are all fantastic! Courteous, responsive, friendly and professional. I left viewing these people as friends
Our apartment is great too! My wife and I loved being close to… Full Review ▶


I have enjoyed living here the past 3years; the office staff is very nice and extremely helpful. The maintenance staff is great; they always take care of maintenance problems quickly and efficiently. Chastleton is a very friendly community with lots to… Full Review ▶


-Great location, right on the S-bus route, close to restaurants & grocery.

-Overall, pretty cheap compared to some other places. Another good point is that the rent increases are reasonable (for me, it was about $50 more... I had some friends in… Full Review ▶


I've read some of the other comments, and anything previous to 7/2004 is probably true, it was pretty bad, but since then things have dramatically changed for the better. With new management and new staff some really good changes have happened...basically… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


Since Paula became our new manager, things have really turned around here at the Chastleton. In the front entry she had installed beautiful new carpeting and a grand mahogany desk. The new color co-ordinated interior paint job has brought some lustre… Full Review ▶


For a decently priced apartment in a really good neighborhood. I live in a 1 bedroom that is pretty cheaped compared to all the other places I looked at. The Chastleton isn't anything special, but it's not as bad as some… Full Review ▶


I called to see if they had apts available, and got a rude woman in the leasing office who said I had interrupted her lunch. She took my number and said she'd call back but never did. Based on that level… Full Review ▶


I've been living here for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! The apartments are REALLY spacious and sunny and clean. We have absolutely amazing views and the building is full of hip, young residents. The security staff is… Full Review ▶


I lived in a studio at the Chastleton for a year and moved out last month. I had rats crawling/runinng behind my walls for about four months until it chewed through the wall and came at me one evening - there… Full Review ▶


My bathroom flooded consistently for six months, causing mildew and mold to grow on the walls (not to mention what was in them). The management staff (after the growing health concern) moved me to a new apartment - rats run through… Full Review ▶


move-in was hard enough with the manager having "forgot" to leave notice that we were allowed to get in.

the blinds break about twice a week, the fittings in the bathroom were old and the kitchen gas rings are crooked.

on… Full Review ▶


I don't know what the people here are takling about. I love it here. Apartments are huge and if you can get a corner unit with a balcony, they are amazing. Plus, my rent is cheaper than any other 1 BR… Full Review ▶


I just submitted an application for an apartment at The Chastleton with my roommate and we're both very impressed so far! The office staff has been extremely friendly and helpful, the building is absolutely gorgeous, the apartments are really quite spacious… Full Review ▶


I just got off the phone with one of the office staff. I had a few quick questions about the apartment complex for my work. I let her know that "this would only take a minute". I really did only have… Full Review ▶


I lived in the Chastleton from 1996-2004. When I first moved in I was very impressed with the friendly management,excellent location, and affordable rent. Over the past several years several key members of the management staff have left and have been… Full Review ▶



The staff is very friendly, which enticed me to move here. But...they are also slow and incompetent. Basic repairs can literally take months. We lived with broken elevators for over a year. When they did repair… Full Review ▶


Nice try. LOL What a riot! No matter how you try to dress up a pig, it?s still pig.

This is a filthy piece of crap. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Full Review ▶


I have to wonder where these people were living who reviewed the Chastleton so poorly. I´ve been here for a year and had a great experience.

The staff: Specifically Brenda Smart in resident relations, all the security guards - David… Full Review ▶


DO NOT MOVE HERE. The location is good, but the service is terrible.

Elevators: These are the slowest elevators I have ever been on. I live on the 8th floor and I have to add 10 minutes onto my commute… Full Review ▶


The Chastleton is in a good location and the apartments are a nice size -- that being said, there are some negatives.

Getting something repaired requires patience and persistence -- it can take up to two months of almost daily… Full Review ▶


I´ve lived here for three years. I´ve read all other reviews (17 at the time of this writing) first before typing this. There are many truths and some exaggerations to all the reviews. I´ll offer my opinions and observations, in no… Full Review ▶


I lived in the Chastleton from Aug. ´02 to Aug. ´03. Many a fabulous time were had there by my roomate and I. However we did have a rat in the apt, which was apparently not cause for emergency maintenance/an exterminator… Full Review ▶


Elevators are always out of service. Location´s great, but not worth the price of rent. I am moving ASAP, so I suggest not moving in. In certain apartments the dish washer does not open all the way, because the wall is… Full Review ▶


After reading the previous reviews I feel obliged to write. I wonder where the previous reviewers have lived before? Perhaps The White House or maybe Buckingham Palace?

The fact is - The Chastleton is a great apartment block in a… Full Review ▶


First and foremost, let me say that in my albeit limited time at the Chastleton (six months), I have never seen a rat. I was recommended by a friend who lived there for two years and made no mention of rats.… Full Review ▶


As of July 2004, I'm still happy to be living here after three years. And no, I don't work for the Chastleton -- indeed, with all of the new staff, I only know Mary. If you have questions about my experience… Full Review ▶


I would not be living here unless I had NO other option. I can?t move until I find out where I will be living next year. That said, our apartment has been infested by ants (bathtub literally FULL of them every… Full Review ▶


Funny how all the negative reviews sound like they were written by the same person...

I moved into the Chastleton just over two months ago. We chose the Chastleton because it was recommended to us by some friends, and although… Full Review ▶


POSITIVES (only two):
Great location:
Within walking distance of supermarket, restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, shops, bus stop to downtown. 15 min. walk to Dupont metro.

Mary in the mailing room:
She´s always nice and I never had a problem getting… Full Review ▶


I don?t blame the management working here for all the problems. I hold the corporation owning the building responsible: American Rental Management Company in St. Charles, Maryland. I?m sure their instructions to the management are to spend the absolute minimum. THE… Full Review ▶


For a building that never paid for its last renovation (your tax dollars did that)its gone to hell do to lack of management.

1. The halls are seldom cleaned and never cleaned on weekends.

2. Elevators They are in… Full Review ▶


I lived there for 3 years, and after you get a parking space (there is a wait, though) it becomes phenomenal. Great spaces, ceilings. The rats (very rare) are in the garden in the back-- welcome to D.C.. Any outdoor space… Full Review ▶


This building is in need of serious renovations. The elevators are broken at least a minimum of once a week. The carpeting is horrible looking and smelling. I have never had a problem with roaches or rats, but I would not… Full Review ▶


If you like Rats, halls that smell like urine you have found a the top of the line. Dont let the lobby fool you as if the chairs have been cleaned in years, the floors are cleaned! Trash rooms are pained… Full Review ▶


My favorite part is the beautiful sculptures and large window on the front of the building. But inside was a different story...the elevators where less then drab and never worked(a couple times the elevators were being "worked on" for several months...talk… Full Review ▶


The Chastleton is quickly becoming the slum of Dupont. Many residents are just merely waiting, this building will have to go condo or improve to survive. Hence the corporation of a rent strike
(Large holding in escrow) Full Review ▶


I chose the Chastleton after looking at a few other places to live in DC. The location is the only thing this building has going for it. That is essentially what you are paying for. The apartments are OK in size,… Full Review ▶


I have been a resident at the Chastleton for a little over 2 years. When moving back to the District two years ago availability was next to none. The only thing the Chastleton has going for it is the LOCATION. The… Full Review ▶

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