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Valley Run Apartments
100 Valley Drive, Milford, DE 19963
2 User Responses

Man werewe sold a dream!!!! This place has roaches everywhere, You walk in the common hallway and they are crawling up walls on other people's doors. There are so many people talking about bed bugs here. When we looked at our place looked good from first view but within a couple days of us brining our food in started seeing more and more roaches. The dumb manager thinks were goona believe this just happened recent. As we have talked to other neighbors has been going on for last few years since the hatians all moved in here. Please what ever you do stop by at night and see all of them hanging out all over the place the steps, the halls, common areas, parking lots. What good are the signs up that say no loitering. We are looking for a way out legally. She is telling us if we leave we will owe the whole year and they will sue us for anyone who can help us would be great. these people are liers stay away very nasty and unsanitary to even live in. You people do know the bactreia that comes from all these bugs.dog poop all over the ground everywhere furniture and mattresses all over with bugs crawling on them. And you people could work on your people skills some, i pay your salary so why do i always have to make an appointment to call or come to office when you operational hours are suppose to be 8-5 oh because your never there. We see them all the time at the restraunts and big lots and other stores in the area during their work hours tells you how much they even want to be here someone please help us get out of this lease legally

Call a lawyer u should have clean healthy living conditions actually call the Health Dept, keep calling if u have too. Oh also make sure u get VIDEO!!! Good Luck...and thnx for the warning :)
You can report them to the state. It is a serious health hazard and they need to be inspected. The carpets aren't fully adhered to the dirty cement floors, you can pull them right up and children are exposed to the tack strips and mold. I know, all too well, that it doesn't matter how many times you spray and what 'bug killing' techniques you use, they'll keep coming back there. You can also report management for not being available during they're posted hours. They OFTEN arrive late and leave early. There is also a great deal of drug dealing which occurs on the playgrounds at night which can be reported. I broke my lease early (and over a weekend) without notice since they were going to charge me anyway and they simply didn't return my deposit. They made up a huge bunch of BS about needing to repair things (which hadn't been repaired before I moved in) to rack up the costs but, I was just glad to be out! Best wishes & God Bless!

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