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Galloway Court
400 South Dupont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720
2 User Responses

This is the place to live if you want to buy drugs. Drug dealers and their customers are everywhere. and if its not the drug dealers its the careless moms who let their babies run around half naked at all hours of the morning. OVERPRICED GHETTO.They even tow the cars of any company you may have visiting.Furthermore, you better hope you dont need maintenance for anything, cause finding him takes hours, even in emergency cases. Please please if you have children.. DO NOT LIVE HERE!

thanxs for the heads up cause i do have a child actually a four month old and i say hell to the know on this one on no lol thanxs again
Now, do they have hot moms who run around half naked at all hrs??? Count me in if so!!!!! Good place for drugs?? Will keep that in mind!!! Sounds like a swinging place!!!!!!

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