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Willow Chase Apartments

500 Blair Court, New Castle, DE 19720
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I have lived in these apartments for the last 15 years... The current manager Mrs. Hicks is an incorrigible woman. She absolutely has no respect for anyone. She will make her rounds at night, well after midnight and I have had… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I know of someone that is living in willow chase apartment complex and she was told that these apartments are suppose to be low income apartments . The point is that I am trying to make is that if someone is… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I recently visited the property and when I attempted to walk in the office the woman at the desk sssh'd me to be quite! I didn't even get a chance to say hello. I stopped and she yelled from her desk… Full Review ▶


My daughter and I have been residents here at Willow Chase for almost four years and we very much enjoy living here. My building as well as the communal area is always quiet and after returning home from working all day… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I was inquiring about an apartment, was really disappointed with the customer service. I am not really familiar with the area and asked what the rate was for a 3 bedroom and was told $715. I asked, for a 3 bedroom,… Full Review ▶


I agree 75% with person who posted from 300 building. It is the tenants in the building. The property is not bad. The apartments are not bad. If you read you would see that person stated that thier review. If the… Full Review ▶


I have lived at willow chase since 2001 and still live there. the person in 400 bldg that made that post on 9/16/11 must be on crack. i live in 300 bldg next to 400 bldg and have friends that live… Full Review ▶


Wednesday night someone apparently pulled the fire alarm in the 400 building. Residents and there children from 3 months to 13 years old were left to stand outside for an hour. It was apprx 1015 when alaram sounded off. It took… Full Review ▶


The rent is great!!! Just don't plan to live there forever. Use this place as a stepping stone to your own home. You wont be made to feel comfortable at Willow Chase. You can't have visitors, the maintenance is mediocre, they… Full Review ▶


I will admit that this woman was very kind to me in her own way. people on the property got together and filed a petition, and now she is a floater in the company. she is no longer running the office.… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

THERE IS AN EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE RUNNING THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE: BEWARE!!!!! I just went to put in my application and the lady from the office whom I had already spoken to was EXTREMELY rude, obnoxious and used profanity I as an adult… Full Review ▶


The property manager has major issues and needs mental help. I have no idea how such a person has a job here. As long as she is working here DO NOT MOVE HERE!! She has an attitude ALL THE TIME and… Full Review ▶


I have lived in the community for over two years and not until Mrs.Miserable --- Denise Hicks becasme the property manger did my home become hell. She takes her job way too the point where you actually wonder if she… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio3 $ 883
11 $ 642
21 $ 732
32 $ 750


  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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