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Southgate Apartments
24 Marvin Drive, Newark, DE 19713
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I am seriously displeased with this site. The place is cheap quality and in a dangerous neighborhood (two cops I were speaking to heard where I was and their first comment was to move out as fast as possible). I knew this and accepted it for the cheap price. However, they have other issues.

1) they won't fix anything in my apartment. the door that won't shut and sick that wont drain were bad enough. But I have a gas leak when I turn on my stove. I contact them about it and it took them forever to get to me. When they finally did send someone he left me a note saying he wouldn't fix a GAS LEAK because my stove was to dirty. Which is to say I hadn't whipped it down from where I splattered some lasagna the night before because I was in a rush. Clearly some dried lasagna was more important then leaking gas into my home. (they haven't followed up or tried to fix it since despite my contacting them again)

2) They won't accept checks in the office. They charge absurd amounts to pay online. So I sent my checks in by mail. Only they keep getting back to me about late fees and claims that my check wasn't payed, only to receive the 'payment' a week later. I send the check within 3 days of getting a bill, if they can't manage to process my check in that time it's not my fault, don't charge me a fee because of it. I've had to resort to accepting a fee to pay online just to ensure they receive the payment.

3) When i did have a late fee I got a notice on the door saying I would be convicted in x days as my *first* notice that they hadn't received the check I mailed them. This included a late fee AND 25 dollar court fee. because rather then politely informing me that a bill didn't go through they decided to go to court like i'm some sort of criminal, and then charge me, when the whole issue was their losing a check I sent in the first place.

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