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Otter Run Apartments
1025 Assisi Ln, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
0 User Responses

Otter Run apts is out dated and poorly run. the breeze ways are dirty and at the very least should be blown off. some residents still have christmas decorations hanging on their patio and management says nothing. The office staff is the worst. they act friendly when you move in but wont be after. The owners son works in the office and acts like hes better than everyone but if you see him after hours hes a complete drunk. It seems to me a bunch of peple with no lives and a small amount of power over others and they enjoy harrassing others for no reason. just bc they can. They will do something wrong and ops we are sorry you do something wrong and its gonna cost you. you arent dealing with a corporation here where you can take your complaint higher. The owner is not a nice or friendly man and not someone you would want to go to with an issue. he rich and it not his fault. i have neighbors that were given eviction notices the day before Easter. Thats in poor taste if you ask me.

Last Updated: 05/16/12

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