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Mizner Park Apartments
401 Northeast Mizner Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL 33432
1 User Response

Here are my main concerns: it smells because they don't stay up on maintenance, and there is always a new infestation of some type of insect, many of which that bite while you are sleeping (and they don't help with the exorbitant rents either). Seriously! The apartment including appliances will start breaking and coming apart and it will never be fixed as the whole building is in a serious state of disrepair. The pool is shut down for the forseeable future! The only way to enjoy this suppossed luxury building is to design a time machine and then use it to go back in time to convince the old management not to sell out! You will only be happy once you have moved or should you pass on in your sleep. Ok the last one was a little bit exaggerated. But I am 100% sure that the new management team might as well be run by monkeys on xanax because they are only happy after they've ripped your face off. Don't forget the parking which is so far away that you will frown everytime you get home and on Friday and Saturday morning you will have to keep your fingers crossed that no one keyed your car because these are the nights where the bars are really crowded with kids. The staff from the leasing office knows more about waterboarding than hot water which will never be available. The only good thing is they have a nice doorman and the fact that Mizner Park is unfortunately the best part of Boca. But Delray is a much better value and they offer more activities both for the refined and the partying types.

My wife and I just moved out after one year into Royal Palm Place which is a true luxury apartment complex after fighting with the leasing office at the Mizner Park Apartments for so long and getting such poor customer service with our maintenance calls. On the day I was moving out there were two other trucks also moving out as the place is really falling apart. One week after moving out we received an invoice for $724 in damages. My lawyer after reading the invoice remarked that the place must be having its accounting done by Bernie Madoff. I found your review funny in a sad way though as my car was also keyed.

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