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Casa Costa
350 North Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
1 User Response

Since moving into Casa Costa we have had nothing but problems with the community and their holding company Related Group. We looked at leasing the apartment from them and looked at one particular unit at least three times. After we signed the lease and started moving things into the unit we were told that the untit we wanted was for sale and not for lease. We were then put into another unit and also gave a deposit for the elevator which wasn't provided to us until the last load we had to move. After talking with the regional manager she didn't offer us anything that the leasing people had already promised us and was very rude and unhelpful. While looking at the community were told on at least two occasions we could use their beach club which allows residents to use chairs on two different beaches that were reserved for residents of casa costa. I inquired multiple times about access to beach club and then was told there would be a fee to use the beach club. I received a flyer from the casa costa home associate that it would cost me at least $225 dollars. After getting nowhere with the regional person I contacted the Vice President of casa costa from the related group. She told me that she couldn't do anything for me and that everyone had to pay for for access to the beach club. You would think that a company this large would honor what they have told people, but it looks like the related group and casa costa just wants to take a property and flip it for a quick buck. Besides these two issues the complex is dirty the hot tub doesn't work and we have had other problems with them. Don't rent, lease or buy in Casa Costa.

Casa Costa would be a nice place to live if not for the NASTY office staff! Any chance they get to make life difficult they do. So rude, nasty and unhelpful! Robin needs to be fired, she has a small handful of people who she is in charge of who are nice and helpful such as the cleaning lady and man that sweeps up but the rest are nasty and terrible!! For what you are paying for rent you sure don't get much especially service with a smile!

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