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Cypress Pointe at Coral Springs
6600 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065
1 User Response

I'm breaking my lease after only being here for 3 months. Upon moving in my neighbor above me had very suspicious behavior and a month later I found out he was a convicted felon, a drug dealer and addict and was arrested recently for robbing a store at gun point. Several occasions at the pool I have seen at least 2 gentleman wearing home monitoring devices as well as talked to felons that were living there but not on the lease. In addition, the manager told me that the Board of Directors, mainly a woman by the name of Karen, would spy on the renters. She said that my neighbors had walked around my apt and looked into my windows and patio because my dog was barking. They issued a temp parking pass for 14days to my boyfriend, and when the tow company called management about his vehicle they claimed to not know and had his car towed. Very rude management, vindictive because now that they know I am moving they have stopped cleaning the outside of my apt. They lied to me and to my landlord and are basically making my last month here miserable to the point I don't want to come home. BE AWARE! the hassel is not worth it!

First Karen, and now Diane.. Diane recently had her revenge according to the latest review posted. Are these people not busy enough or something? what does Diane do for a living?

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