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This place is horrible. I have called the district office mroetimes than i would like to count people the "staff" at the front office has a horrible attitude. They look at you as if they are sayng "how dare you make me work". Don't ask them a question because they don't know and don't care!
Shopping carts, broken bottles, trash and dog poop are not what I want to see. I am not paying 1400 a month to live in a tash heap!
There was a fire in the building next to mine...and it's still not fixed. the back of the building is still burnt to a crisp. And the A/C units that were trashed durring hurricane Wilma are still turned over next to my building and wires are sticking out of my building next to my bed room. Fire waiting to happen there. my walls and windows leak. lizards crawl through the windows...nice....I might as well live outside!
And just a tip if you live on the 2nd or 3rd floors dont hop and run up the stairs...those stair are conectted to your neighbors walls.

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