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Hidden Lake Apartments

1015 Northwest 21st Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609
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I do not recommend this place at all!!! I have only been here about 3 months, but I wish I could move! It seems like every week I have to contact the office for something, and one person will tell you… Full Review ▶


After having lived at Hidden Lake for a year and half and desperately trying to get out of my lease due to the horrific mess that is management at Hidden Lake, with no success I feel it is my duty to… Full Review ▶


"Abandon All Hope All That Enter Here" Tenants say that punishment by management is swift and sure if one complains. I guess that is to strike fear in our hearts because the staff is wonderful but management response to customers is… Full Review ▶


These apartments are dead center of the ghetto. There is absolutely no security of any kind. Two G.P.D. officers live here and it makes no difference. There has been over 26 scooters, over a dozen bicycles and 2 cars have been… Full Review ▶


SECURITY AND SAFETY IS HORRIBLE! This complex is in the middle of the Ghetto. There are groups of about 15 people who come in and use the pool after 7 when the office closes. In this past week alone 3 bikes… Full Review ▶


HORRIBLE!!!! I'm so glad to finally be out of that hellhole! The place seemed decent when my boyfriend and I moved there in August 2010, but things started going downhill quickly. If you value your sleep, this is definitely not the… Full Review ▶


Just moved here into a villa. Thought it was great. Then we moved in. Right off the bat we see that a lot of the blinds are broken. Our living room closet door is too big for the closet, and as… Full Review ▶


I feel like I need to write a review to give my two cents after reading all of these bad reviews. My roommate and I moved here last fall and are renewing our lease because we've had such a good experience!… Full Review ▶


Me and my best friend moved into this place after taking a tour and getting offered a (what we thought) was a great deal. The day we came up to Gainesville to move in they had assigned us a DIFFERENT apartment… Full Review ▶


I know that you're thinking that the only people who write reviews are unhappy residents, so you can't really base your decision to move in or not on reviews. However, I wish that I had listened to the reviews and saved… Full Review ▶


I moved here from Lexington Crossing and I loved it!!! The place is beautiful, I have wonderful roommates, and the people on the front office is very helpful and nice. I have had very few problems with my apartment and the… Full Review ▶


I'm really surprised at the other reviews on here. I've been here since August and I really haven't found much wrong. I live in the villas so maybe the people in the apartments have different experiences. Anyway, my roommate and I… Full Review ▶


When seeing the model I was very excited to move in. However, when I did move in, it was not clean. They told us we could move in early, but NOTHING was done in the apartment. The microwave was broken, my… Full Review ▶


The management is incompetent. I came home from Christmas break to find an eviction notice on my door. The reason: nobody had checked to confirm that I had paid rent on line that month. They didn't even apologize for their mistake.… Full Review ▶


I have been living here for two months, although when i moved in i had a flood in my apartment, the staff was AMAZING. I now have new plumbing, new carpet, new carpet pads, new tile and they were extremely helpful.… Full Review ▶


This place is pretty bad. My roommate and I are pretty busy, so we don't wanna move. But lemme tell you, this place really sucks. Do you like to sleep in on labor day? Not if you live here. They decided… Full Review ▶


Hidden Lake Apartments is the place to live if you like to be awoken at all hours of the night by noisy, drunk neighbors. And don't think the office staff will help you, they don't care about your comfort or lack… Full Review ▶


Me and my roommates lived in Hidden Lake for close to 2 years. We lived there the first year and loved it so much we renewed our lease. The only reason we left is because my roommates graduated and moved to… Full Review ▶


I lived at Hidden Lake from 2008 till the beginning of 2011. The apartments were not very old and they already included cable (with HBO and Showtime) and the internet, so I was happy. There was the occasional obnoxious loud partier,… Full Review ▶


There is an abundance of college residents who own a small (barking) dog and simply do not accept the responsibility that comes with housing an animal. I had a neighbor upstairs who had a dachshund that she would leave in her… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend this place the least bit! I am counting down the days until my least ends basically. #1 Problem: NOISE!! These are some paper thin walls. Last year (2009-2010), our neighbor was a young mom with a 1… Full Review ▶


I loved living at Hidden Lake! The only reason I left was because I moved to Orlando after graduating. This place is such a good value for what you get, and the location was perfect for me. My roommates and I… Full Review ▶


The noise levels here are high. It is basically a student ghetto or just a ghetto because there's more than just students living here, so beware of that. One of my neighbors weren't students and they played music whenever they felt… Full Review ▶


I'm currently living here my boyfriend and his two room-mates. But already I'm finding myself asking my boyfriend to move out. The place seems nice but be ready to NEVER EVER have a good night's sleep while living here. Just outta… Full Review ▶


I moved into Hidden lake in the month of august and its been nice ever since. The only complaint that I really have but is not a big deal is the noise that comes from the apartment on the side of… Full Review ▶


My fiance and I signed a one year lease on Aug. 4th. When we moved in we loved this place. We thought it was the nicest place we could have found. We had our own washer and dryer, our own backyard,… Full Review ▶


So I will start off by saying I do not and never have worked for Paradigm or Hidden Lake. You believe what you want though. But I was reading some of the reviews and was completely shocked! HL was great to… Full Review ▶


I lived in a 2/2 for the past year and moved out because I wanted to get a 1/1 and the 1/1's here are really pricey. The apartments are fairly new, which is nice. The pool was quite nice (although at… Full Review ▶


This place is full of lies! Before i signed my lease they told me the gym would be open 24/7, My first mounths rent would be free, the pool has a closing time but if you quiet it didnt matter and… Full Review ▶


Hidden Lake is a nice looking apartment complex with okay landscaping, but please be warned that is as far as it goes. This is really a big student ghetto. The management does not fix anything properly hardly; they have shady maintenance… Full Review ▶


The villas are awesome! I've lived there for almost a year now and they are great. they have back yards, washer/dryers and thick walls. it feels more like a home because they are only one level. :) Full Review ▶


The apartments look really nice, but that's about it. For such a nice-looking place, Hidden Lake is in a pretty skanky part of town. The walls are really thin, my next door neighbor was coughing once and I thought it was… Full Review ▶


I ended up sending this email to Paradigm Properties. This is the type of thing you'll encounter frequently if you decide to move in here. Email: I live at Hidden Lake Apartments and would just like to bring an issue to… Full Review ▶


I lived here for two years. The first year was great. I really enjoyed my time here. It was quiet and I felt relatively safe. However, this last year has been an interesting experience. It is still pretty quiet, however, I… Full Review ▶


Hidden Lakes is a terrible place to live. All of the office are rude and not helpful. Maintenance requests take forever, like many MONTHS to be fixed, if they ever come. I am leaving here after only one year and I… Full Review ▶


I was lured here by a young man working for the Hidden Lake apartment complex (who no longer works here, in fact, I never saw him again). He told me that this place is extremely quiet and is suitable for young… Full Review ▶


the apartment itself was really nice. Lots of luxuries. I loved the architecture. However, my second year there, they paired with a roomate from hell. On paper, we were not compatible but they do not care about that. It's more important… Full Review ▶


I don't know why all these people say that Hidden Lake is a bad community. They are all full of ---- and are a bunch of spoiled rich snobs. The community could get a little noisy during football season and on… Full Review ▶


This is my second year living here and the 1st year was great, but this year has gone down hill.
The bad:
The management changed several times and we had some problems with our renewal paperwork. They told us we were late… Full Review ▶


First off, the good things about Hidden Lake:

1)Maintenance is extremely fast. I don't think that we ever had any maintenance problems (and we had several) that weren't solved within a day. For the most part, the office staff is nice… Full Review ▶


Allright, here goes...

Whether or not this place is right for you is a matter of what you want/expect out of an apartment. If you want peace and quiet on weekends, and want to have the ability of studying for big exams… Full Review ▶


the walls are paper thin. if you like being woken up in the morning, live here. and i dont think its necessarily surrounded by a 'ghetto', but its a little weird when there are shady people just walkign around the complex… Full Review ▶


Where'd she go?? She was much more understanding and she actually listened when there was an issue! It seems like all I do is get blown off by the new guy! Doesn't anyone actually care about the resident anymore? Full Review ▶


HIDDEN LAKE IS THE BEST!!! Everyone in the office is GREAT! Maintenance is GREAT! The property is beautiful (pool is great during warm months). I have lived many places in Gainesville and by far this is the best place for the… Full Review ▶


I moved into a 3 bedroom apartment on August 2005... when I signed my lease I was taken around by a very nice girl who no longer works at Hidden Lake. I signed bc I liked the staff and the property… Full Review ▶


The buildings are new and really nice, 9feet ceiling and wjhite paint. Modern kichen, so really luxury beautiful
Bad things:
1-spoiled rich kids that are noisy live here
they stay up on the porch and talk loudly
2- Management is not as considerate and things… Full Review ▶


i drive a 50,000 dollar car and they decided to powerwash the side walks me and my roommate both did not recieve any notice about this. we both woke up the next moring and or cars were covered in clorine and… Full Review ▶


I am a senior at UF and Hidden Lake is my third apartment complex. It is the only one I have ever renewed at because living here has been wonderful. I would definately stay another year if I were not graduating.

The… Full Review ▶


Wow... where to begin... This was def. the most HORRIBLE experience of my life so far. Staff (Anna, AMBER..-------!!!!) were HORRIBLE. They fed us lies the entire time we were living there. If something broke... you would be lucky if they… Full Review ▶


this apt complex ripped me and my roomate off!! let us pay the same amount for 6months in a 7month lease then told us we were paying the wrong ammount. they said we had a $1000.0 worth of damage which is… Full Review ▶


Sure, Hidden Lake is not perfect. No apartment complex in Gainesville is. When you factor that most of the residents are in there teens to early twenties situations like the occasional noisy, inconsiderate neighbor are inevitable. However, I have lived in… Full Review ▶


The pool is fabulous! I've lived at several other apt complexes in Gainesville, and Hidden lake is the only one that I've ever actually used the pool. There is tons of parking, it's really close to campus, and the apts are… Full Review ▶


My time at Hidden Lake was a lot of fun. The apartment was very nice and new. Parking is great because you don't need a decal. I looked at a lot of apartments around Gainesville and this is by far the… Full Review ▶


read over your entire lease before you sign. the management at this property are very rude and not willing to work with the tenants. They are very nice when you first come in, but after you sign you get nothing. DON´T… Full Review ▶


The staff was artful in deception. They make you believe you are getting a great deal when you are in fact NOT!. I used their roommating matching service and had a terrible experience. My first roommate was psychotic and the next… Full Review ▶


Overall, living here has been an alright experience, but not one that I would want to repeat. Have lived here for two years, one in a 2BR and one in a 3BR. The 3 is definitely much nicer, with the possible… Full Review ▶


I pretty much agree with all of the listings so far. I have lived at Hidden Lake since it opened. In the beginning we had a ton of problems like the washing machine not being hooked up properly and water flooding… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Hidden Lake for 2 years now. This place is really nice. It was built in 2001 and still looks new! The apartments were spacious (especially the walk-in closets and bedroom sizes). The apartment value is great! For… Full Review ▶


I think some of the complaints on this website are wrong. I love living at Hidden Lake, and I would recommend it to anyone. The pet fees aren´t outrageous- for a luxury apartment, they´re the cheapest around. I´ve never had any… Full Review ▶


Don´t be mislead by all the perks that this place seems to tell yout hey have. Ethernet is only available in the living room otherwise you better have a router if you want to be able to get online in your… Full Review ▶


I believe the only positive thing I can comment on is the parking, but I believe the only reason it wasn´t a problem is because my building wasn´t full. The staff was always rude and never told me when I had… Full Review ▶


Hidden Lake Apartments are very nice and cozy. The area is very quiet, except during football season. The staff are very friendly and people-oriented. Hidden Lake´s only downfall is the parking. Its hard to find parking late at night or during… Full Review ▶


I agree with the last review, sometimes the parking is bad. But they also don?t tow or have specific visitors parking, so it is easy for friends to visit. Everything else is great. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and… Full Review ▶


is a nice place to live in Full Review ▶

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