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Stoneridge Apartments

3800 Sw 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32608
% Recommended
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On January 1st, I came home from work to find out someone had broken in through the back sliding door and broke off the wooden piece that's supposed to lock it in place, My apartment was completely ransacked and all my… Full Review ▶


Ive been living with Stoneridge apartments now for 3 years, and I have to say the last 2 years have been terrible. The management is awful, I felt like I was treated with disrespect and they only cared about my money.… Full Review ▶


I lived in the complex for almost 4 years actually closer to 4 years and just moved, when I first got there the management was great!and then new managment came and I do see what people are saying in regards to… Full Review ▶


I lived in a 1/1 with my then-fiance for two years. At the time we moved in, we loved how big it was for a 1 bedroom unit. It really is a huge layout and the cost was still affordable. The… Full Review ▶


I dont even know where to begin with this complex. I lived here for 3 years and at first, management was great (Mikea and staff were amazing to work with). Management has completely gone to hell. It would be nice if… Full Review ▶


The only good thing about this apartment was the location. It sucked living there other than that. The wall are too thin you can hear your neighbors. The apartment we received was filled with holes in the walls. They didn't even… Full Review ▶


All complains of the deposit are correct! We did read those comments before we moved in here. So we took great care of our apartment. We thought we could have at least parts of the deposit back(no matter how clean your… Full Review ▶


The apartments are decently sized and not too old, and for the most part well taken care of. They are this way because you will pay nearly half of your deposit back to them to clean up any mess you didn't… Full Review ▶


The environment is good. Wide road, lots of parking and the beautiful lake. The down side of the environment is the wall is not sound proof. So better not to choose those units by the main roads. Although the environment is… Full Review ▶


I lived here for one year. It is alright. Much better than other places I have had the pleasure or renting. I, however, chose to rent in one of the newer units ( not the "old phase" that is a crumbling… Full Review ▶


I lived there for only a year, but that period is quite enough for me to offer this comment. The actual apartment room is totally different from the one people in the leasing office will show you before you would sign… Full Review ▶


Lived there for two years. Could never get internet in my own bedroom because the wall outlet didn't work and they refused to repair it. Parking is awful on weekends and if you have friends, good luck finding them a spot.… Full Review ▶


Worst apartment I've ever lived in..and I lived at Melrose (Now the District). Management is terrible. We didn't get back any of our deposit...and its not like our apartment was gross...they asked to use our apartment as a model. Don't expect… Full Review ▶


Initially i thought it was a good place for the money - but i was totally wrong. 1. They accused us of carrying bed bugs, i never had bugs in my whole life - we had to pay $250 2. Management… Full Review ▶


If you are an international student then please do not live here. The apts are ok, nice size and i like the pond a lot. BUt not worth the hastle with Management and the company itself. The Bus route is Horrible,… Full Review ▶


I lived at Stoneridge for four years during undergrad and grad school. That's a long time, and you tend to see the best and worst parts of a complex. Stoneridge's strength is the relatively large room sizes/space for a fairly low… Full Review ▶


I was very pleased with my Stoneridge experience. I lived there for two years (Fall 2007 to Spring 2009) after moving from Gainesville Place (which I would NEVER recommend...I wrote a review for that place too a couple years ago). First… Full Review ▶


I liked the apartment, and I never really heard the neighbors, office staff were ok, but cars were constantly being towed from the complex. I had many arguments with stupid tow truck drivers. Expect to listen to car alarms for 20… Full Review ▶


Stoneridge apartments is a really good apartment complex for the prices they are asking for. I believe there are better complexes out there but I'm happy where I'm at. To me, the people have been really friendly, except for some racist… Full Review ▶


I subleased a room in one apartment for about 4 months, thank God it was only for that long. The rent is cheap, at least for me it was. I shared an apartment with 3 other guys, which were just fine… Full Review ▶


It has a BEAUTIFUL floor plan. I could't love the kitchen more! But the fact that I am hard of hearing and can hear my neighbors TALKING through the wall when I try to go to sleep does not do it… Full Review ▶


I moved into a two bedroom in the original phase two years ago. For the most part, I have really enjoyed it. The apartments are huge--large bedrooms and kitchen--which was very important to me. The location is great and I've never… Full Review ▶


I've lived at Stoneridge for about a year now, one of the original phase one-bedroom units. When looking for a place to rent Stoneridge proved to be one of the more affordable option on the SW side of town. The original… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Stoneridge for 3 years, and it has been an overall good experience. I have only lived in the old phase; 2 years in a one bedroom and 1 years in a 2 bedroom. Although the old phase… Full Review ▶


Staff is very rude, you never get greeted in a nice manner. Very noisy, the lawn is always cut on the weekends at like 7am. Could never get a good morning sleep. If you park your car anywhere within 10 -… Full Review ▶


I lived in stoneridge for 2 years and would not recommend this complex to anyone!! The staff in the office is really rude, especially the manager. I lived in the old phase and the apartment was just that... old as hell!… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for a year and I have really enjoyed it. I live in the older section and although I have seen like 5 or 6 little silverfish, I don't have serious complaints. Parking is the only terrible thing.… Full Review ▶


I discovered this site while looking for apts. in another city, and figured I'd give my opinion on Stoneridge. Postive things first: the floor plans are big...um yeah, that's about it. We lived in a townhouse and inquired about utility bills… Full Review ▶


Great deals, staff is pretty decent about repairs, all w/in 2-3 days, can get noisy, but obviously that a neighbor issue which typically is easily solved,

The bad news though is that parking is ridiculous, I got towed in a rental… Full Review ▶


unless you like crappy night sleeps. You can hear all your neighbors noises,especially music and people walking around.It is doubly loud if you live on the second floor. The washing machine/dryer/dishwasher/refrigerator, etc is the crappiest that money can buy.
The utility… Full Review ▶


I live in the newer buildings which are definitely nicer than the older ones and Stoneridge has the biggest bedrooms around! That is definitely a plus, but we live on the first floor and noise is really a problem. Not so… Full Review ▶


I moved into here last summer. One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. As soon as I opened the door, I thought to myself "wft did I do". The place is a cheap craphole. Air conditioner broke 5 times… Full Review ▶


I can almost guarantee that the positive reviews found for this apartment are written by the staff.

In a nutshell, just going to summarize:
Security: Not safe.. Neighbors car was broken into. I even had security cameras on my front window and back… Full Review ▶


I just moved into Stoneridge and am thrilled! The apartment was so clean and the move-in process was easy! Management rocks! So far I haven't had to call maintenance on anything:) If you live in Stoneridge you won't be dissapointed! Full Review ▶


I lived there for 2 years and whenever I had a problem the maintenance staff was very prompt and helpful. the Management is always friendly and they do something every month for the residents. The first apartment complex I lived at… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Stoneridge for over two years and my experience is definitely a good one! The apartments are HUGE and I love that everyone gets thier own bathroom and walk in closet. The management is great and the maintenance… Full Review ▶


I lived in one of the older apartments and thus my rent ($667 for a 2 bedroom) was much cheaper than it would have been in one of the new models. The good stuff: It was spacious,clean, and safe with a… Full Review ▶


I moved into Stoneridge two years ago after a horrible experience at another Gainesville complex. It has been the best two years of my college career. The staff are a bit stupid, but they do try to help with any problems.… Full Review ▶


Think of your security deposit as a one-time non-refundable payment. stoneridge will find every possible excuse to keep your deposit. Irritating and seriously DUMB staff. Full Review ▶


I've finally found it! I've lived in over 5 different apartments in Gainesville and Stoneridge by far has out done them all! I moved here about 3 months ago and now wished I had moved here 5 years ago (like some… Full Review ▶


I just moved into Stoneridge Apartments and I can already say that this is the best apartment I have lived in. The apartment was very clean upon move-in and the office is very organized. This is much better than my old… Full Review ▶


I have been at Stoneridge for 8 years and I think it is great. The apartment is huge and I have never had a big problem. Whenever their is a maintenance emergency the technicians always are there in a reaonable amount… Full Review ▶


Spacious apartments for a fair price. Unlike other posters, I feel office staff is completely competent and helpful. Maintanance staff gets an A (I guess some ppl don't realize that emergency maintanance calls will always come before non emergency calls,no matter… Full Review ▶


this place is horrible, very cheap interior and horrible office staff! dont plan on anything getting fixed or the truth bieng told to from the staff if you live here!! Full Review ▶


I have lived many places in the past, but no one compares to the Stoneridge living. The apartments are huge and the grounds are beautiful. The best thing about living here is the upkeep of the apartments, maintenance is great and… Full Review ▶


This was the best place I ever lived. The office staff was extremely friendly and helped me with everything I needed. Maintenance was always on time and fixed things quickly. Never had a problem. Very convenient. Full Review ▶


They dazzle you with a spacious complex.. but the excitement fades quickly and turns to disappointment. The apartment was dirty when I moved in and it didn't take long to realize that most the neighbors are noisy, messy, and inconsiderate and… Full Review ▶


i lived here for two years. this place is an experience. in my two years here we had strippers, whores, robbers, homeless people, cops, homosexuals, hot chicks, and drug dealers come inside my apartment. most of these visits were unwarranted. buy… Full Review ▶


Office Staff - Incompetent
Noise - Terrible
Neighbors - Disgusting
Parking - Constant Pain
Price - Rip off


Mainten Staff - Excellent
Location - Good
Closet size - Good


There is much better in Gainesville… Full Review ▶


When we moved into this place, there were red stains all over the entire apartment, as well as a moldy smell most likely coming from the carpet which had to have been there for several years longer than it should. The… Full Review ▶


This place is really cheap for the size of the apartments. I live in a 3 bd/3bath and it is pretty big. But thats just it, you pay for what you get. The paint, carpet, lights, cabinets, flooring, bath tubs, appliances,… Full Review ▶


Ladies be warned!! Stoneridge is a very shady place - I think anyone who grew up in gainesville and went nowhere in life ended up here. Had to call my boyfriend over just to walk me to my car at night.… Full Review ▶


Very undergrad place. Frat boys with no future and easy sorority girls have over run this once nice place. Extremely noisy!!! If you plan on actually studying and having a furtue, dont live here. If you plan on working at a… Full Review ▶


I can honestly say that Stoneridge is the best place that I have ever lived. The maintenance is wonderful and the property looks amazing. Everyone in the office is very friendly and always greats me with a smile. I would recommend… Full Review ▶


Stoneridge is the absolute worst apartment complex to live in. They will nickle and dime you for all of your security deposit when you try to move out. Who would of thought to think that of all things to do before… Full Review ▶


I lived in the new phase for a year and i am about to live there for a second year.
the apartments are all very spacious and layed out well. the third floor apartments also have a nice vaulted ceiling.
i… Full Review ▶


I will admit that I was very excited to be moving into my new apartment at Stoneridge. Boy, was I in for a shock. My roommates and I signed up for a 3-bedroom in the new phase, and we thought we… Full Review ▶


I´ve lived in the 2/2 apartment, and it´s about as good a layout as I´ve ever seen. Maintenance is very reliable, and fitness center and pool are nice. Full Review ▶


I use to live there for 2 years, and never had a problem with staff or people that lived there. Full Review ▶


I´m living in Phase II & I have no complaints! Althought the parking gets frustrating at times, it just means a little bit more of a walk to my front door. Overall, I love these apartments -- highly recommended!! Full Review ▶


Stoneridge is a great apartment complex if you´re a partier or a major night owl. There are usually loud parties weekend nights, but not generally during weekenights. The apartments are very spacious for the price, and everything else is good, they´re… Full Review ▶


I loved living in the older phase because the apartments are bigger and cheaper. The only downside was the laundry room. The washers and dryers were so old and ruined many of my clothes. Management is pretty good and maintenance isn´t… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 805
11 $ 688
21 $ 1067
22 $ 995
32 $ 2100
32.5 $ 1371
33 $ 1514
43 $ 2019


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  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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