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If you like quiet, peaceful, single level, no one staring at you as you walk by apartments, then you will most likely like living here.

Ive lived here for a month now and I have no complaints. Oh and believe it or not, The management IS GREAT. Barbara is wonderful and she will take care of you. She actually answers phone calls and looks to solve your problem! For those who have lived in aparments before should know how important having a great manager is. They have it.

In my opinion, For the price and for all the wonderful stuff it does offer, this place is worth the look. Im glad I did. I looked around for apartments in my price range and this place beat the competition by a mile, not so much in space or glamour, but for comfort, safety, and peace of mind it offers.

Just my two cents! Hopefully it helps someone make the right decision.

Last Updated: 07/07/10

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