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Bella Apartments
3101 Segreto Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34747-3054
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I lived at Bella Apartments for 2 years. My apartment was immaculate when I moved out. A week later I recieved a letter stating they were not returning my $600 security deposit. Reason 1-carpet cleaning. Do they not automaticslly clean a carpet between tenants? Reason 2-oven cleaning. I NEVER used my stove or oven. Not once. I managed a restaurant! Reason 3-disinfect waher and dryer. Really? Reason 4-$60 to patch and paint 6 small nail holes. Come on. Reason 4-general cleaning.
Speaking with friends who have left Bella each and every one of them got ripped off by Bella and did not get their deposits back.
While I lived there our elevator was broken for 3 weeks and Bella kept saying they were waiting for parts. I called State and Bella got fined and elevator was fixed 2 days later. The manager who ran Bella when I moved in almost died from some disease he got while using the Bella hot tub. There were police arresting someone about once a week. The week we left a 20 year old kid on Titkos was arrested for running an underage prostitution business. His mother still lives there.
I vote NO to Bella.

08/06/13Manager Response
Thank you for your time and post. Please contact the office so that we may further research your final account statement. We truly appreciate residents that leave their apartments as received. In regards to criminal activity on the property, we ask readers to contact our local law enforcement agency to request a report to truly see what activity is taking place on the property. We can also provide this in the office for convenience. Again, thank you for your post. We will dedicate time to our staff to ensure all residents are properly informed of what is necessary prior to moving out of a unit. We are certainly sorry to see you go
I can state that I learned about carpets the hard way and they kept much more than Bella has as security, in my case, $1200 to replace the rugs. In order for carpet to be kept under "normal wear and tear' the occupant must shampoo the carpet regularly.

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